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Fly Fishing The Necanicum River
The Necanicum River is a 21 mile long river located on
the Pacific coast of northwest Oregon. It's the first
estuary south of the Columbia River along the Oregon
Coastline. Much of the property along the river is

The river rises south of the Saddle Mountain State
Natural Area and flows mostly west, along U.S. Route
#26. The Necanicum River enters the Pacific Ocean at
Seaside, Oregon. Neacoxie Creek is a major tributary
stream that enter the Necanicum River near the coast..

Although the Necanicum River is a small stream, it has
decent fishing opportunities for Chinook salmon,
steelhead and sea-run cutthroat trout  Like most of the
northwestern Pacific coastal streams, fly fishing the
Necanicum River can be hit or miss depending on the
timing of the runs and stream level.  

Chinook enter the river in late October or early

Hatchery winter steelhead run from the last part of
October through mid January, peaking in December. In
addition, there's a small run of wild steelhead the first
part of February. It usually peaks about the middle of
February and last until about the middle of March.

Sea-run cutthroat trout enter the Necanicum River from
August through the month of October.

The season varies according to the species
Winter is the best time for steelhead
Spring is the slack season on the Necanicum River
Summer is the time the sea-run cutthroat start to appear
Chinook Salmon and steelhead enter the river.
Type of Stream

Chinook Salmon
Steelhead (hatchery and wild)
Sea-run Cutthroat
Chinook Salmon

Small, about 21 miles long

Northern Oregon Coast

Nearest Towns

Species Dependant

Fair, depending on the location

Non-Resident License
State of Oregon

National Weather Service

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Necanicum River Fly Fishing Report:
07/28/17 Customer reporting sea run cutthrout fishing
has been okay. The exist from the mouth of the river
upstream a few miles.
07/27/16 Updated Fishing Report
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