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Fly Fishing Guide for Neshannock Creek Pennsylvania
The best time to fish the Neshannock is during from about the middle of March until the end of
June. For the most part, during the months of July and August the water is just too warm.
September and October also provides good fishing.

The newly stocked trout are usually fairly easy to catch and they can be caught on a number of
generic flies. The holdover trout become used to eating the natural food the stream provides
over time and are not nearly as easy to catch. You may not think so off hand, but the
Neshannock has several good hatches of aquatic insects. They are outlined in the hatches
section in detail. When these insects are hatching, all of the trout will feed on them, so it is a
good idea to try to use something that imitates what is hatching if you want to catch them on a
dry fly.

This is a good stream to use a double fly rig on. The trout are not picky and the two flies may
offer an advantage at times. You may want to try a large foam hooper on the surface with a
dropper consisting of a small mayfly nymph or caddisfly larva. It is also a good stream to use an
indicator on when you are nymph fishing. Again, most of the trout are not picky or very selective
and the indicator won't affect the fishing like it will in some streams.

During the late summer and early autumn the water will become much lower and clearer. You
should go to lighter leaders and tippets and smaller flies during this time. If something is
hatching you should match the size correctly but otherwise use smaller than normal flies under
these conditions. Remember that when the weather is hot, if you are going to fish do so early in
the mornings. The water temperatures can reach the low seventies and the fishing will be slow
during the afternoons. It will also be bad for the trout if you are successful. The added stress
under the warm water conditions may kill the fish.

The water will cool down in September and the fishing will improve. You can fish the stream
throughout the winter if you like. Midges are always present and trout can be taken on
imitations of them. The fishing is usually better on warmer days but that is mostly because the
angler is more comfortable. Ice gets on the water at times and under these conditions you are
better off staying at home tying flies.
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Photo Courtesy of
Dennis McCarthy
Photo Courtesy of
Dennis McCarthy