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Hatches and Flies for Neshannock Creek Pennsylvania
This creek has a surprising number of aquatic insects. The water chemistry is good and the
hatches are fairly heavy and diverse. It has plenty of caddisflies but a higher number of mayflies
than most anglers would expect. The varying bottom composition accounts for that.

From about the middle of April until the middle of May, two different species of caddisflies will
hatch. The
Brachcentrus species, called Little Black Caddis by most anglers is one of the first
ones to hatch. They are followed by several species of Green Sedges. The larva of these
caddisflies are called Rock Worms. The most plentiful ones will be the Cinnamon Caddisflies
which will hatch from May through September in varying numbers depending on the species.
There are other less important species that are present.

One of the first mayflies to hatch is the Blue Quill. Normally they will start about the first week of
April and last until around the first of May. From the middle of April until the middle of May you
will find a few Quill Gordon mayflies. The Hendrickson start about the same time, or the middle
of April and usually last two or three weeks but the hatch is rather isolated.

From about the first week or two in May for approximately a month you will find March Browns
hatching in the riffles and runs of the creek. From about the middle of May until the end of June
Light Cahill show up in most of the riffles and runs. There are also some Eastern Pale Evening
Duns that appear around this same time. Two or three weeks later the Sulphurs will show up in
the moderate to slower moving water.

There is also a good hatch of Green Drakes that occurs around the end of May to the first week
of June. This hatch provides an opportunity to fish in the evenings and have a chance at a
larger trout. Brown Drakes also hatch on this creek. They hatch during the evenings so night
fishing provides the best opportunities. Imitations of their nymphs will work during the day when
they are hatching.

Slate Drakes hatch over a long period of time from about the first of June all the way to
October. They are never present in any large numbers but they hatch here and there
throughout the summer into early fall. Imitations of their nymphs work during that time period.

About the first of August, the White Flies will hatch in the slower water sections of the creek.
This hatch will last about a month and can be very heavy in places.

From June until September terrestrials become important. Imitations of ants, grass hoppers and
beetles will work during this time. Also, don't forget to have a good selection of streamers. They
will work anytime the light is low, meaning early in the morning or late in the day and anytime the
water is slightly off color. They are great at getting some larger fish than normal.

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Photo Courtesy of
Dennis McCarthy
Photo Courtesy of
Dennis McCarthy
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