Nestucca River, Oregon
Fly Fishing The Nestucca River Oregon
This river forms in the Coast Mountains and flows for
fifty miles into the Pacific Ocean at Pacific City, Oregon.
It flows through several small towns on its way to
Nestucca Bay. It's one of the most productive steelhead
and salmon rivers on the coast of Oregon. It has both
winter and summer runs of steelhead, chinook salmon
and coastal cutthroat trout. The river is approximately
fifty miles long. It also has some wild coho salmon.

The Upper Nestucca is very different than what is shown
in the pictures we have of this river. It has long riffles
and runs with lots of ledges. Also, the water levels are
entirely different during the prime seasons. The river
levels have a lot to do with the numbers of fish, both
steelhead and salmon, that are found in the river.

The Nestucca River has a huge drainage that keeps the
river flowing when some others start to drop and stay
extremely clear. This river provides the conditions that
suit both the steelhead and the steelhead fishing. Its
flows remain strong.

Most of the prime fishing area on this river is found on
private property. The only public water is in the
headwaters of the river. Highway #101 and county road
#858 runs along the river.

The season is species dependent but last year-round.
Steelhead and Salmon are present during the winter.
There is a spring Chinook Salmon run.
There is a summer Steelhead run in May, June and Sept.
Sea Run Cutthroat and Salmon move into the river in
August through October

Fly Fishing Guide to the Nestucca River
There are a variety of techniques used for fly fishing the
Nestucca River for steelhead and salmon.
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Type of Stream

Chinook Salmon
Sea Run Cutthroat Trout
Wild Coho Salmon (threatened)

Small to Medium, 50 miles long

Northwestern Oregon

Nearest Towns

Year-round but species dependant


Special Regulations
Vary - see the annual regulations

Non-Resident License
State of Oregon

National Weather Service

Fly Fishing Guide

Hatches and Flies

Fly Fishing Gear, Tackle and Flies

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Nestucca River, Oregon
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