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Fly Fishing Guide for the Neversink River New York

The river is stocked by the state of New York. Both wild trout and stocked trout exist in the
river. Much of the popularity of this stream has to do with the history of the fly fishing more
than the fishing. It was the home of Theodore Gordon and other early fly fishing writers.

As mentioned before, the Neversink River is both a tailwater trout stream and a freestone
stream. Its upper branches consist of small brook trout streams. The tailwater section is  
completely different from the freestone sections. Therefore, the fly fishing strategies,
techniques and methods change drastically depending on where you fish the river.

Most of you would be interested in the tailwater section. Unless you are a member of a local
club you would not be able to fish the part below Claryville. The upper branches are mostly on
private property. That being the case, I will only deal with the tailwater section below the dam.
Keep in mind parts of the tailwater section is also posted, so pay careful attention to where
you are fishing.

As with most any tailwater, you should never overlook the mighty midge. It can be the number
one most productive insect to imitate at times. When I referred to all of the hatches that you
will encounter on the Neversink River, many of them take place primarily above the reservoir,
not necessarily in the tailwater section.

The tailwater has its pools, runs, riffles and even pocket water sections. The water discharged
from the reservoir stays about fifty to fifty-five degrees year-round. It is mostly shaded by
plenty of streamside trees so it stays cool even during the hot summer.
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