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Hatches and Trout Flies for the Neversink River New York

The flies you need to fish the Neversink River depends on the particular section you plan on
fishing. The stocked trout are fairly easy to catch and can be caught on just about any fly for
a short time after they are stocked. To catch one of the larger holdover trout, or one of the
few wild brown trout there, requires skill and a lot of luck. Streamers fished during very low
light conditions sometimes pays off. Other than that, mayfly nymphs and caddisfly larva and
pupa imitations fished near the bottom produce most of the wild and holdover brown trout.

One thing you should not overlook is the terrestrials. Again, the low light situations provide the
best opportunity. Beetles, ants and hoppers all three work at times. Just don't expect to catch
one every few cast. A larger wild brown trout or even a year, or two year old holdover brown
trout, should be considered a very good catch.

If you are fishing during the early spring, you may encounter some good hatches in the
tailwater section. There are even some Little Brown Stoneflies in the tailwater. If you do run
into a hatch of any aquatic insect, by all means fish it. Day in and day out, this will not be the
case in the tailwater section. Be prepared to fish subsurface most of the time.

There are plenty of caddisflies in the tailwater section and all in all, they provide the best dry
fly opportunity. The Cinnamon caddis hatch most of the late spring and summer. There is a
decent Little Sister caddisfly hatch. Green Sedges and Short-horned Sedges make up most of
the balance of the caddisfly habitat in the tailwater section.  Be sure to have plenty of "Rock
Worms" (larva stage of the Green Sedge) on hand. They work very well most of the season. If
you stick with the caddisflies, midges and nymphs fished deep and you are likely to be

Just don't forget about the midge. It usually becomes the most important insect to try to match
in the tailwater section. I would have plenty of them in hook sizes 20 and 22.

Terrestrial insects become a choice about the middle of June. Imitations of inch worms,
beetles, grass hoppers and ants will catch trout until the first frost appears.

We always recommend our own "Perfect Flies". They are the most realistic and most effective
imitations that are commercially available. You will find our caddisfly imitations work great for
this stream. We hope you give them a try.
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