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Fly Fishing Guide for the North Platte River Wyoming
The fishing depends greatly on the particular area of the stream you are fishing
because the river undergoes several changes and consist of a variety of different types
of water. In the uppermost part within the state of Wyoming, in the Medicine Bow Forest
and down to the Bennett Peak Campground area, the river runs through canyons where
the declination in elevation is steep and theres a lot of fast water and even rapids. The
stream has some huge size boulders and plenty of pocket water. Attractor flies work
fairly well in this part of the river. This entire section is open to the public to fish but
difficult to access in some areas. Below the Bennett Peak Campground, the river flows
through private property. Access is available at the Campground and downstream near
the Treasure Island near the Encampment River confluence.

In the foothills and ranch land areas the river slows down and becomes wider. The
Encampment River increases the volume of water. There are long pools with
interconnection riffles and runs. There are few public access areas but even so the
stream sees more anglers. The trout average a larger size in this section and hatches
are abundant. During the larger hatches, it may become necessary to match the hatch.

Below Saratoga, the stream leaves the ranch land and flows through the high desert.
The fish become less plentiful the farther you fish below Saratoga but they still average
a large size. The best part of the river is the section immediately below Sarotaga. Drift
boat fishing is very popular in this area of the river. Streamers often offer a good option
in the lower river section due to the fact the water often becomes slightly stained or off
color. The fish tend to be found concentrated in certain areas rather than dispersed
evenly and continuously. It usually take some effort in locating the fish in this part of the
river. The water can slow down even more in some areas of the lower section of the
river. The smooth flows can become a little tricky to fish during at times, especially
during  the Trico hatches.
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North Platte River