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Hatches and Trout Flies for North Fork of the White River Missouri
While the hatches of aquatic insects don't occur very frequently or occur in big quantities
on the North Fork of the White River, they are important. They provide the only good dry
fly fishing you will encounter.

Crustaceans are an important part of the food for the trout in this stream. It has a good
population of both sowbugs, called fresh water shrimp by some anglers, and scuds.
Imitations of both will catch trout year-round. Crayfish are plentiful and are eaten by both
the rainbows and brown trout.

Little Black Caddisflies hatch during April. These are species of the
Brachycentrus genus
called Mother's Day caddis is some areas of the West. They hatch mid-stream similar to
mayflies. You will find various species of Cinnamon Caddis and Spotted Sedges that hatch
from May through September. These are just referred to as Tan caddis by the locals.
Imitations of their larvae, pupae and of the adults will work at times. There are also some
Little Sister Caddisflies that hatch in June and July. They are just a smaller version of these
net-spinning caddis. There are several other species of caddisflies present, but none exist
in large quantities.

Few mayflies exist in the river other than Light Cahills and Tricos. The Light Cahills hatch
during the month of May and can bring the trout to the surface to take dry flies. You will
find the Trico hatch to be one of the best of the year. It occurs during the month of October.

Stoneflies are important on this river. Large Giant Black stoneflies and different species of
Little Brown Stoneflies hatch during the months of May and June. Some of the Little Brown
Stoneflies are actually black, so don't let that fool you. Little Yellow Stoneflies, called Yellow
Sallies, hatch during the months of June and July. Imitations of these stonefly nymphs are
effective throughout the year.

Hellgrammites, or the larva stage of the Dobsonfly, are effective during the summer. We
have an excellent "Perfect Fly" imitation of these insects. The stream has a good
population of both Damselflies and Dragon Flies. Imitations of their larvae are also
effective on this stream.

Terrestrial insects are important from about the middle of June all the way through
September. Imitations of grasshopper, ants and beetles catch trout if they are presented in
the along the banks of the stream in the right places during the summer.

Don't forget streamers. They can catch their share of trout from the deep runs and pools
that are common along the river. At times they will take trout from the riffles. They are very
effective after heavy rains and anytime the water becomes a little off color.

We have "Perfect Fly" specific imitations of all of these insects and crustaceans found on
the North Fork of the White River. They have proven very effective on this stream where
trout get a good look at your flies. Our stonefly imitations are very realistic and effective at
catching trout year-round on this river. Our imitations of the scud and sowbug are among
the best you can buy. If you haven't done so already, please give our trout flies a try. We
are confident you'll be glad you did.
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North Fork of the
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