North Branch of the Salmon River in New York
North Branch Salmon River NY
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Fly Fishing North Branch of the Salmon
River New York
The North Branch of the Salmon River flows from the
Tug Hill Plateau into the Salmon River Reservoir at
Redfield, New York. It has a decent population of native
brook trout and also receives an additional stocking of
brook trout by the State of New York. This stream has a
huge amount of public fishing rights that is almost nine
miles in length.

There is a 33 foot strip of land on one or both banks of
the stream that is available for fishing purposes only.
We should note that this is only because the land
owners are willing to do this. If property is damaged, I
feel sure many would change their minds so be careful
not to damage this right in any way.

This link will provide a very good map of the river and
the public access.

This stream can be great to fish anytime of the season.
Spring provides the best time to fish the North Branch of
the Salmon River. Hatches are present most days and
the brook trout can be taken on the surface if the water
is above 50 degrees.
The fishing generally slows down some during the
summer but is still good early and late in the day.
Fall is the second best time to fish for the brook trout.
These fish spawn during the fall and turn into their
bright, beautiful spawning colors.

Fly Fishing Guide to the North Branch of the
Salmon River
Fly fishing the North Branch of the Salmon River is fairly
easy. This stream consist of mostly pools with short
riffles and a few runs between them.
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Type of Stream
Freestone Stream

Brook Trout


North Central New York

Nearest Towns

April 1 until October 15


Non-Resident License
State of New York

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North Branch
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Photo Courtesy of
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