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Hatches and Flies for the North Branch of the Salmon River New
The hatches for the North Branch of the Salmon River are quite prolific and abundant. The
stream has the typical species of aquatic insects for upstate New York.

Blue-winged Olives hatch off and on from the first of May all the way through the most of
September. Slate Drakes are common and hatch from the middle of July through the middle of

Yellow Drakes hatch during th month of June in the slower pools of the Salmon River. There
are also some Golden Drakes present that hatch in June but not in large quantities. Dark
Green Drakes also exist in this stream. They hatch from the last of June through the first two
weeks of July.

Hendricksons hatch the last three weeks of May. Blue Quills hatch during the month of May but
are not very prolific. They can be quite abundant. There are also a few Quill Gordon mayflies
that hatch the first two weeks of May. March Browns hatch during the month of June. Light
Cahill hatch starting about the middle of June and going on into the first week or two of July.

Pale Evening Duns hatch during June and July. They can be found in decent quantities.

Little Black Caddis, American Grannoms, start hatching about the first week of June and last
into the first week of July. There are a few Short-horned Sedges that hatch in May and June.
The majority of caddisflies are Cinnamon Caddis. They hatch during the months of May and
June. Little Green Sedges are also present, but not in large quantities.

From about the middle of June through September, ants, beetles and grass hoppers become
plentiful around the banks of the North Branch of the Salmon River. Trout can be taken on
imitations of these terrestrials and is often all that is necessary during this time period.

The stream also has baitfish and minnow present. Streamers will usually work well during low
light situations.

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Photo Courtesy of
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