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Fly Fishing Guide to Noland Creek GSMNP North Carolina
Noland Creek is a great little Smoky Mountains trout stream that is usually passed up by
anglers for other streams in the same general area of the park. Noland empties into the
Tuckaseegee arm of Fontana Lake. It passes through Noland Creek Valley. It is near Deep
Creek, one of the park's larger and most popular streams. That is probably what keeps the
pressure off of Noland. Although its lower section is easy to access, most of the other
sections of the stream are not easy to access. I doubt its headwaters get any pressure at all.

This stream has some brown trout but the majority of the trout are small rainbow trout. The
headwaters and small tributaries have some native brook trout. The access from the Noland
Creek Bridge is a steep trail that leads down to the stream. In the lowest section the area is
heavily wooded and navigating up the stream is fairly easy. It is a beautiful little stream with
plenty of trout.

We have only fished the stream on three occasions, but should more often because we
have always done very well there and we have yet to see another angler fishing the stream,
although I am certain it is fished quite often by others. The stream seems to be moderately
inclined but it is fairly steep in some places. The headwaters are mostly steeply inclined. In
the lower sections there are several long runs and some fairly deep ones. It is mostly shallow
riffles and short runs, but every run seems to have some trout.  

We fished the stream twice during the fall season thinking there may be some lake run
spawning brown trout, but we have not seen or caught any. Most likely its gets some spring
runs of rainbows from the lake, but we have not heard any reports of anglers catching them.
Cherokee Lake is stocked with trout.

If you enjoy fishing small, fairly remote mountain freestone streams, Noland is a good one.
One of the young guys that writes for us occasionally has camped and fished most of the
stream's length and reported some very good catches.
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