North Mills River Rainbow Trout
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Fly Fishing The North Mills River, North
The North Mills River trout fly fishing opportunities begin
below the Hendersonville Reservoir. Water flows over the
top of the dam from the reservoir and for that reason, the
water becomes too warm to support trout during the hot
summer months. The water is great for trout until about
June when it begins to warm up.

The North Mills river is one of North Carolina's newest
"Delayed Harvest" streams. It is also one of North
Carolina's best conservation stories. Much needed work
has been done on this stream.

The North Mills River is a small stream that's easy to
wade. It flows through a scenic, thick forest that provides
a canopy that makes casting a little tight in many cases.
The "delayed harvest" season runs from October 1,  
through June 1. The stream is open to fishing under the
general regulations for the other part of the year. The DH
section is stocked with rainbows, brooks, and brown trout.

To access the North Mills River DH section, travel to
the North Mills Recreation area sign, turn right and travel
five miles to a parking lot at the dead end of the road.
You must register and pay a fee.  

The upper section of the river is provides the best
fly fishing opportunities. The lower section of the river is
shallow and wider with much less decline. The lower
section warms up faster.

Although generic flies will work for the newly stocked trout
fairly well, you are always better off to use specific
imitations of the most plentiful and most available food at
the time your fishing. This allows a better opportunity to
catch the trout that have been in the stream for a couple
of months as well as any holdovers. Streamers, especially
those that imitate sculpin, tend to catch the larger trout.
Our Brown Sculpin fly is very popular for this stream.

The season runs year-round
Trout can be caught on warm days during the Winter.
Early spring is a good time for fly fishing the North Mills
River because of its hatches.
The water can get too warm for good fishing during the
hot summer months.
Fall is a good time for fly fishing the North Mills River.

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North Mills River North Carolina
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