Woolly Bugger Fly
(Bugger Leech)

The Woolly Bugger Fly, or what we call a Bugger Leech, is one of the
most versatile flies that has ever been  designed. It's productive for
many different species of fish and especially for trout.. We have added
additional flash to help improve its performance. This helps attract the
attention of trout and steelhead as well as bass and other freshwater
species. We think the Woolly Bugger imitates leech more than anything
else and is why we call our version a Bugger Leech.  

We have the Woolly Bugger or Bugger Leech we call them, in Black,
Black with a Bead Head, Olive and Olive with a Beadhead. In our
Steelhead and Salmon Perfect fly sections we offer them in a huge
variety of colors. The bead head versions add flash and a small amount
of weight to the fly.

The Woolly Bugger has a lively marabou feather tail that moves in the
water. Mr. Russell Blessing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was the tier
who tied the first "Buggers". He added the marabou tail to the woolly
worm fly. This helped add to the movement of the fly in the water. He
designed the Woolly Bugger for smallmouth bass. It is now a standby fly
for trout, smallmouth bass, steelhead and salmon along with many other
species of fish. Just about every fish that swims has been caught on a
Woolly Bugger.

There are many ways to fish this fly. Most trout and steelhead anglers
fish it down and across on the swing. It can also be fished like most all
streamers using a strip retrieve. It's often best to let the fly pause
between a sequence of strips. The hackle twitches and the tail flares
and fish grab it.
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Black Woolly Bugger
Black Bead Head Woolly Bugger
Olive Woolly Bugger
Olive Bead Head Woolley Bugger
Black Woolly Bugger
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Black Bead Head Woolly Bugger
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Olive Woolly Bugger
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Olive Bead Head Woolly Bugger
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