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Fly Fishing Guide for Penns Creek Pennsylvania

The upper part of Penns Creek, in the area above Coburn, the stream is
stocked by the state. There are a lot of larger holdover that in that area also.
The newly stocked trout can be caught on a number of different attractor and
generic fly patterns and without a great deal of skill on the part of the angler at
times. The larger holdover trout aren't so easy to catch. You need to
concentrate on the most available food the trout have to eat to catch them.
That isn't easy. As you can see from our hatches section, there are numerous
aquatic insects as well as other food available for the trout.

Below Coburn, in the wild trout section of the stream, you have to pay close
attention to what the trout are most likely feeding on throughout the season.
Multiple hatches are often more common than single hatches. It pays to keep
a close check on the hatch chart and try a different variety of flies for the
multiple hatches that occur. Again, the key is flexibility. Don't become set in
any one way of fishing Penns Creek or you will soon find yourself having a
difficult time to finding any action.

The stream is a wide stream. It varies from fifty feet to up to a hundred yards
wide in places. There are usually numerous places for the wild brown trout to
be hiding. You will have a difficult time deciding which of the holding areas are
best because the entire creek is full of likely areas. It also has a wide variety of
water types. Even though it's a spring creek, it acts more like a freestone
stream in terms of flows. There are long runs, deep short and long pools,
riffles of all types, smooth, slick sections of water and fast, rough sections of
pocket water, depending on where you are fishing. You have to choose a
method for each type of water.

Although Penns Creek is considered a very good dry fly stream, and rightly so
I may add, it still will produce far more brown trout from subsurface fishing
methods than from the dry fly. Large brown trout are far more prone to feed
below the surface than on top. In fact, there are few aquatic insects that will
bring the large ones to the surface and that usually happens during very low
light situations or during the evening. If I could give you one good tip to
improve your catch on Penns Creek, it would be to stick with nymphs, wet flies
and streamers. Unless there is a major hatch taking place, you are going to
get far better results from fishing the deeper water hiding places with nymphs.
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