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Fly Fishing Guide for the Pleasant River Maine
This beautiful little stream is stocked each stream with good size brown and brook trout
that average ten inches or so. Of course the best fishing takes place just after the river is
stocked. April through June is the best time to fish the stream.

This is the typical riffle, run and pool stream that is easy to wade and fish. The only
problem you may have is the overhanging tree branches. It is easy to get your fly hung.
May provides the most aquatic insect hatches but others occur at other times.

There are three bridges that provide access - the Pope Road Bridge, Windham Center
Road Bridge, and the Cook Road Bridge. The Catch and Release section described on
the introduction page is the best part of the stream.

This can be a good dry fly stream at times but be prepared to use streamers and nymphs
also. At times they will be necessary. Small streamers work best. The stocked trout are not
very picky at all and will take just about any fly. Those holdover trout will feed on the
aquatic insects, crustaceans and baitfish so it's a good idea to be familiar with the hatches
and use imitations that match the most available food. You never know when you are going
to catch a large holdover brown trout.
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Pleasant River Maine
Photo Courtesy of Dennis McCarthy