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Hatches and Flies for the Pleasant River Maine

Little is known about all of the aquatic insects that exist in the Pleasant Rivers. We have
not examined samples of the nymphs and larvae in the stream and cannot find any local
anglers or shops that are familiar with all the hatches. The following information is all we
have been able to put together at this time. As other information becomes available from
reliable sources, we will be adding it to the site.

Various species of Little Blue-winged Olives hatch throughout the season. There is usually
a peak starting around the middle of May through June. There is also a hatch during late
August that last into September.

Light Cahills hatch in the faster water from about the first of June until the first of July.  
Little Yellow Stoneflies hatch from about the first of June into the first week of July.

There are several species of Cinnamon and Spotted Sedges,  or caddisflies. They hatch
all the way from the middle of April through September.

Ants, grasshoppers and beetles exist around the stream and many locals use imitations of
them during the cooler parts of the summer and fall.

The stream also contains plenty of sculpin.

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Pleasant River Maine
Photo Courtesy of Dennis McCarthy
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