Angie Marsh fishing Prairie river
James Marsh fishing Prairie River
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Fly Fishing The Prairie River, Wisconsin
(South Fork)
According to its sign, the little Northeastern Wisconsin
town of Gleason claims it is the "Trout Fishing Capital of
the World". That is because at one time, the Prairie
River may have been one of the best trout streams in
the World. Gleason just happens to be sitting right on
the river.

During the past fifty years, changes in the water have
taken place and Prairie Dell Pond became silted in.
Some believe that is responsible for raising the water
temperatures. Of course that hurt the cold water fishery.
Thanks to Trout Unlimited and other organizations,
much work has been done on removing silt and other
stream improvements and the stream is gradually
getting better. During the past several years, two dams
were removed and the river now runs free.

The Prairie River has two basic types of water that are
very much different. Gleason is also located where the
change from the slow moving smooth water to the fast
pocket water occurs. Anglers refer to them as the Upper
and Lower Prairie River. The river is a fairly large
stream, averaging about 60 feet wide. It is a tributary of
the Wisconsin River.

Fly fishing the South Fork of the Priarie River is good all
Springtime can be a good time provided the water isn't
too high
Early summer can be very good. The water can get to
warm in most of the stream during late summer and the
hottest days.
Fall may be the best time to fish the Prairie River.
The season is closed.

Fly Fishing Guide to the Prairie River
Certainly one thing that has a great deal to do with how
you fish the Prairie River is which section you fish, the
upper or lower river.
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Type of Stream

Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout
Brook Trout
(Stocked with wild some wild brooks)


Northeastern Wisconsin

Nearest Towns

First Sat. in March through Sept 31

Special Regulations
Catch and Release sections


Non-Resident License
State of Wisconsin

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Fly Fishing Guide

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Prairie River, Wisconsin
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