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Fly Fishing Guide to the Prairie River in Wisconsin
The Prairie River comes from three boggy lakes near Elcho. The upper part of the stream has
both brown and brook trout. Above the little town of Dudley the fish are mostly brook trout.
They exist in both the main stem of the river and the North Fork. Below Dudley, most of the fish
are brown trout. The lower section is stocked with brook trout, rainbow trout and brown trout.
There is a catch and release only section in the area above Dudley.

Above Gleason, most of the brook trout are wild but there are some stockers also in the area.  
Most of the river can be reached via highway #17 which flow on or nearby just about its entire
length. The state provides several access areas along the river.

As mentioned, the methods you use to fish the Prairie River depend greatly on which sections
you are fishing and which species you are pursuing. The brook trout can get very large in this
stream. The state record was caught in 1944 and was 9 pounds and 15 ounces. Of course the
great majority of the brook trout are not near that large.
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Prairie River, Wisconsin