Presumpscot River Maine
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Fly Fishing The Presumpscot River
Presumpscot means "many falls and many rough
places". The word once described the Presumpscot
River perfectly. There are twelve waterfalls along its
length. It begins from an outlet of Sebago Lake and
flows for about twenty-five miles into Casco Bay.

The Presumpscot River tends to get too warm for trout
during the hot summer. It is heavily stocked with brook
trout, brown trout and land-locked salmon each spring.
The "fly fishing only" section of the river that flows along
route #35 at Windham is the most popular section to fish.

This river was damed by the Smelt Hill Dam and its
natural flows changed for many years. It was removed in
2002 and now the water flows over the Presumpscot
Falls as it once did. It now has some excellent pocket
water and the Smelt Hill Dam no longer prevents the
migration of fish that head upriver to spawn. The
Presumpscot River still has eight dams that change the
flow of the river. It's a series of slow moving pools and
ponds with warm water species of fish in most areas. Its
once population of cold water migratory fish will still be
destroyed for at least several more years.

The fishing season is open year-round.
The best fishing occurs in the Spring just after the
stream is stocked.
Fly fishing the Presumpscot River during the Summer,
isn't a good idea.
Fall generally isn't a good time either. Some of the trout
manage to hold over through the hot summer.

Fly Fishing Guide to the Presumpscot River Maine
As mentioned above, the best fishing takes place just
after the stream has been stocked in the Spring.
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Type of Stream

Brook Trout
Brown Trout
Landlocked Salmon


Southern Maine

Nearest Towns
Windham, Maine

Jan 1 through Dec 31


Non-Resident License
State of Maine

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Presumpscot River
River Maine
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Photo Courtesy of Dennis McCarthy
Presumpscot River Brook Trout
Photos Courtesy of Dennis McCarthy
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