Price River Brown Trout
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Fly Fishing The Price River (Lower Fish
Creek) Utah
The Price River is a 130 mile long river that originates in
Wasatch Plateau in central Utah. It is a tributary of the
Green River. The stream flows through the Price
Canyon alongside U.S. Route 6 through the cities of
Helper and Price. The trout fishing opportunities exist
mostly below Scofield Reservoir. Another dam was
planned upstream of Scofield Reservoir that was to be
called the Gooseberry Narrows Dam. It meet enough
opposition to end up listed as one of the top ten
endangered rivers in the United States. Fly fishing the
Price River can be as good as it gets anywhere in Utah.  

The headwater stream above Scofield Reservoir is
called Upper Fish Creek. It has some very good
cutthroat trout fishing. Just below the reservoir, the Price
River is also called Lower Fish Creek. The White River
flows into Fish Creek and from that point downstream
the river is usually called the Price River. The names
can be quite confusing. We are calling it the Price River
and only mention Lower Fish Creek to hopefully avoid
any confusion.

The Price River below the reservoir is a small, mostly
shallow river that's usually not navigable. Spring runoff
flows below the Scofield dam downstream to Caste Gate
can have plenty of whitewater and is becoming more
and more popular with kayakers. The river flows over
eight miles from the dam prior to reaching Highway #6.
You can hike as far as you like to get away from other
anglers and have better opportunities.

From the railroad bridge downstream, the regulations
provides for artificial lures and flies only. The river has a
railroad track that parallels it and hiking is usually quite

The Price River's bottom varies in depths along with the
various types of water ranging from shallow riffles to
deeper runs and pools. There are some channels and
plenty of undercut banks for the brown trout to hide
under. About two miles downstream, the river flows
though a narrow canyon that winds back and forth a few
turns before it tends to run in a straighter line.  

Although the Price River isn't known for its hatches,
there is a good population of aquatic insects. Midges
are very plentiful along with a few species of small
blue-winged Olives. Caddisflies, mostly Spotted Sedges
and Little Short Horned Sedges are also plentiful.
Terrestrial insect imitations such as beetles, ants and
grasshoppers work great during the Summer and early
Fall months. There are plenty of sculpin and baitfish.

You can fish the river year-round.
The fishing can be good in the tailwater near the dam
during the Winter since the water stays near a constant
Springtime is an excellent time to fish the Price River  
but runoff can make the water high and off color.
Fly fishing the Price River during the Summer is good in
the trailwater section.
The early autumn season is an excellent time for fly
fishing the Price River because its brown trout spawn
during the Fall.

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Central Utah

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Good, hiking required to fish the best

Special Regulations
Yes, you should review the current
regulations which are subject to
change each year.

Non-Resident License
State of Utah

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USGS Stream Flow Data:
Price River near Woodside

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Price River (Lower Fish Creek) Utah
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