Quinapoxet River Massachusetts
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Fly Fishing The Quinapoxet River
The Quinapoxet River is one of the best, if not the best,
trout stream in the state of Massachusetts. I say that
because of its ability to support stream-bred brown and
brook trout. It is stocked to supplement the trout and
that may be necessary in order to satisfy the large
number of anglers, but it also has a huge number of wild
trout as well as plenty of holdovers. Its water stay cold,
fertile and clear year-round. It is a tailwater of the
Quinapoxet Reservoir in Holden. It flows for seven miles
into the Wachusett Reservoir.

Fly fishing the Quinapoxet River is truly a pleasurable
experience because it's in an undeveloped area smack
in the middle of a busy part of a crowded section of the
country. All of its waters are owned by Metropolitan
District Commission. It is easy to access via road and
can be hiked up and down the stream side where there
isn't road access.

The section of the river from the Metropolitan District
Commission Power Station downstream is open to
fishing from April 1 through the 30th of November. No
wading is allowed in this area. Above the power station,
fishing is allowed year-round and the stream can be
waded. There is a buffer zone at the Power Station.

Fly fishing the Quinapoxet River is good year-round
because the discharges from the dam are cool
year-round and a canopy of tree limbs protect the
stream from the hot sun rays of Summer. There are also
many springs that add their water to the Quinapoxet
River along the way. This also helps keep the water
chemistry suitable of trout as well as the aquatic insects
they feed on. The streamborn and holdover trout can
become very selective to hatches, so most of the time,
matching the food that's most available for them to eat is
required to catch them.

The season varies with the location - see above
Trout can be caught all Winter long but the fishing is tough on the
colder days.
Springtime is the best time for fly fishing the Quinapoxet River.
Trout can be caught all Summer long and is a very popular time
to fish the stream.
Large brown trout and plenty of brookies can be caught during the
Fall season

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Type of Stream

Brown Trout (wild and stocked with
Rainbow Trout (stocked with
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Central Massachusetts

Nearest Towns

MDC Power Station downstream,
April 1 - November 30
Upstream of the MDC, year-round

Very Good

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State of Massachusetts

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