Raven Fork Palomino Trout
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Fly Fishing The Raven Fork (Cherokee
Tribal Waters) North Carolina
The Raven Fork is a beautiful freestone mountain
stream that flows from the Great Smoky Mountains
National Park. While the stream is difficult to access
inside the park (a separate section is available for the
Raven Fork inside the park) it is very easy to access
outside the park in the Cherokee Indian Reservation.
The fishing is under the control of the Cherokee Indian
Nation (Cherokee Tribal Waters) who stocks and
manages the Raven Fork.

The trout shown above is a Palomino Trout. It is a
hybridized pure stain of a Golden Trout and a rainbow.
The stream is also stocked with brown and rainbow trout.

There is a special "catch and release" section of the
Raven Fork that is about two miles long. An annual
permit is required for fishing the Catch and Release
Area. Tribal Permits are required to fish any area of the
Raven Fork outside of Great Smoky Mountains National

There are some trout that hold over and continue to
grow. There are also some very large trout that are
stocked. It is not unusual to see rainbows in the twenty
inch range caught from the Raven Fork.

For fly fishing the Raven Fork within the Great Smoky
Mountains National Park,
see this section of our website.
It is the best brook trout stream in the park but it does
require some leg work to reach the best waters.

The fishing season is open eleven months of the year. It
is closed most of the month of March.
Spring is the best time for fly fishing the Raven Fork.
The fish activity slows down some during the hot days of
Fall is an excellent time to fish the Raven Fork.
If the weather is reasonably warm, and it often is during
the winter, the fishing will be good.

Fly Fishing Guide to the Raven Fork:
Fishing conditions can be crowded in the Special Catch
and Release Section at times.
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Type of Stream

Rainbow Trout
Palomino Trout


Western North Carolina

Nearest Towns
Cherokee, Tennessee

Eleven Months of the Year (Closed
during March)


Special Regulations
Tribal Permits Required. Special
Catch and Release Section. An
additional $20.00 annual fee is
required for the C&R Section.

Non-Resident License
State License Not Required
Tribal Permits Are Required

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Fly Fishing Guide

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Raven Fork
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