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Fly Fishing Guide to Raven Fork North Carolina
The Raven Fork flows in from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park a short
distance and is joined by the waters of Straight Fork Creek which flows from a different
section of the park. At that point it becomes a larger stream. There are pools and runs
in the upper section of the stream. Some areas of this part is pure pocket water.
Farther downstream near the town of Cherokee, the stream widens out and flows over  
shallow riffles for much of its length. There are also some long, large pools.

The Raven Fork is stocked at several locations on a regular basis. The fish tend to
congregate in certain areas and so do the anglers. The large Palomino trout can be
easily spotted due to their light, bright color. They are cast at often.

Downstream of the Catch and Release Section, the fishing is more the normal trout
stream fly fishing but it too, is stocked heavily - just with by huge trout.
Raven Fork
North Carolina
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Photo Courtesy of David Knapp Photography
Photo Courtesy of David Knapp Photography
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