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Fly Fishing Guide to Raven Fork (GSMNP) North Carolina
Fly fishing the Raven Fork inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park is quite
different from fishing most of the other small, freestone streams of the park. It is very
difficult to access and in some areas, almost impossible to access. There are many
sections of the stream whereas the only way to fish, is to stay in the river and fish
upstream. If you do the opposite, and fish downstream, you will spook most of the trout.
Going upstream, even under normal water level conditions, can be very tough in many
places due to the huge boulders you must get over or around.

You're limited to the fly fishing gear you can pack in and out. The best way to get to the
stream is via the Hyatt Ridge Trail. Its almost a two mile, 2700 foot climb to the top of
the steep incline. From there you can coast downhill for almost another mile on the
Enloe Creek Trail - that is if you don't fall and break your neck on the loose rocks. The
only place a trail crosses, or has direct access to the river, is where this trail crosses
the creek at campsite #47. You must make reservations with the park officials to stay at
this small campsite.

Even after you're at the stream, fishing it isn't easy. In fact, one needs to be in excellent
physical shape to handle all the maneuvering and climbing. The stream is very steep
with a lot of swift water and huge boulders the size of small cars. Its difficult to navigate
up the stream. There are few riffles. Most everything plunges from one deep pool to
another in the area above the campsite. Everything may not sound so bad until you
realize the only way back to the camp is downstream the same way you climbed up.
Raven Fork North
Carolina GSMNP
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Photo Courtesy of
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Photo Courtesy of
Craig Lancaster