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Fly Fishing Guide for Ridley Creek Pennsylvania

The best fishing is in the Ridley Creek State Park. One good section to fish is to the
rear of the Colonial Mansion parking lot. You can fish upstream from there. The
stream is easy to wade in that area. It has some nice pools with interconnecting
runs and riffles.

You can park close to the dam and walk up the bicycle path that parallels the
stream to another good location to fish. The portion of the creek from Sycamore
Mills Dam to the mouth of Dismal Run is a "Delayed Harvest" area that permits fly
fishing only. There is a wheelchair accessible fishing platform located on the paved
trail that runs along Sycamore Mills Road. This area provides some very good
fishing. It is heavily fished and the trout, although stocked, are not pushovers. The
constant pressure keeps them easy to spook and difficult to fool.

Although most anglers had rather catch trout on the dry fly, you will find that you
can almost always do better in terms of quantities of fish caught, if you will fish
nymphs and caddis larvae imitations. You can fish them by adding weight above the
fly, with or without an indicator, and usually do very well on Ridley Creek.
Ridley Creek
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