Fly Fishing The Rogue River (Lower )
The Rogue River provides a highly diversified fishing
experience. You can catch about every species of
Pacific Coast anadromous fish as well as all the major
species of trout in the Rogue River. For that reason, we
have broken the river down into the two parts. This
section covers fly fishing the Rouge River from the
Pacific Coast to the end of the "Holly Water" section, or
the tailwater below Lost Creek Dam. Fly fishing the

headwaters of
the Rogue River and Holly Water tailwater
section are covered under this separate Stream section.

The Rogue has half-pounders as well as both Summer
and Winter steelhead. It has both a Spring and Fall
Chinook Salmon run as well as a Coho Salmon run.

Fly fishing the Rogue River varies greatly depending on
the area. The Rouge, not including the upper river
above Lost Creek Dam that we cover under a separate
section, is generally divided into several sections which
can be confusing to non locals. They are, starting at the
lower end of the Holly Water section and continuing
downstream, the Upper Rogue, the Upper Middle
Rogue, the Lower Middle Rogue, the Wild Rogue, and
the Lower Rogue.

The Upper Rouge is the twenty-eight mile section below
the Holly Water downstream to the Gold Ray Dam. It's
considered the best steelhead water. It's as wide as 150
feet with a variety of steelhead water ranging from
shallow water, to pocket water sections to deep pools.

The Upper Middle Rogue flows between Gold Ray Dam
and Savage Rapids Dam. It's rough water that shouldn't
be fished from a drift boat and surrounded by private

The Lower Middle Rogue begins below Savage Rapids
in Grants Pass and ends at Grave Creek. Fishing in
Grants Pass can be good but below there's not much fly
fishing opportunity until you get to the Whitehorse area.
Salmon and steelhead pass through this section of
course, and spawning salmon can provide some good
steelhead opportunities in both the Fall and Spring.

The Wild Rogue section is 33 miles long and runs from
Grave Creek to Foster Bar. It's accessible only by trail
and includes the original eight miles of the fist Wild and
Scenic water established by Congress. It's a narrow
canyon section that's mostly fished from drift boats.

The Lower Rogue always has some anadromous fish
but it's not very suitable for fly anglers. The
opportunities change rapidly with fish passing through

The Summer run of steelhead are about half wild fish
and half hatchery raised fish. They average about three
pounds with some going as large as eight or ten. The
start entering the Rogue River as early as May with the
best fishing taking places in September and October.  

Most all of the Winter steelhead are wild. They enter the
Rogue River beginning in November and continue
through March. Unlike the Summer steelhead, these fish
spawn in the main stem of the Rogue. The spawning
occurs as early as December until as late as June but
the majority of it occurs in March and April.

The Spring run of Chinook Salmon average about
twelve to twenty pounds. They begin as early as March
and continue into June. The Fall run of Chinook Salmon
are much larger, going forty and even up to sixty
pounds. They are almost all wild fish. There are two
runs, the first one in July and August and head to the
Middle Rogue and Applegate River tributary. The
second run heads for the Illinois River tributary. These
fish spawn in the month of October.
The overall season is year-round but species dependent
Steelhead fishing peaks from December through April.
Steelhead fishing continues in April. The Spring run of
Salmon enter the river in March, April and May.
Salmon enter the river in the Summer. Half-pounders
run in September.
September and October are the best times for the
half-pounders. October is salmon spawning time.
Copyright 2021 James Marsh
Type of Stream

Winter Steelhead
Summer Steelhead (Half-pounders)
Chinook Salmon
Coho Salmon
Rainbow Trout

Medium to large

Southwestern Oregon

Nearest Towns
Shady Cove
Grants Pass

Species dependent


Non-Resident License
State of Oregon

National Weather Service

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Rogue River Fly Fishing Report:
11/21/13 Lower river has some half-pounders.
Estaz Egg patterns working for one
customer. Ordering more green and
chartreuse colors. No report on the Middle
Rogue but some steelhead reportedly being
caught on the upper rouge. Rain is in the
forecast and should help.
12/12/03 Customer ordering steelhead flies
reports a few steelhead have began to show
up in the lower Rogue. He is fishing the inside
bends and has caught two. There's not going
to be much help coming from the weather. It
should be clear for the next few days except
for today and tomorrow with lows around
freezing and highs near fifty. .
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Fishing Report Updated 02/24/21
01/11/14 Fishing the low, and middle rogue
has remained only fair with a few fish being
caught. The current rain though the Tuesday
should improve the fishing conditions.
01/18/14 Lower river has produced several
steelhead during the past weekend but clear
and lower water levels have slowed it back
down some. There are a few fish being
caught in the middle and upper but not many.
01/25/14 Anglers reporting catching a decent
number of adult and half-pounders in the
lower rogue. The Middle Rogue is also
producing a few late summer fish. Some fish
should be moving in the upper section.
02/01/14 Water is still low and clear even
though there has been some recent rainfall.
Few anglers are fishing but there still are a few
fish being caught.
02/08/14 Rain is forecast everyday for the
next week. Fishing conditions will improve as a
result of it. Keep a close check on the levels.
02/15/14 The river is currently blown out and
will be that way for a few days. More steelhead
have entered the river.
02/22/14 The water levels have dropped and
anglers are reporting some fish being caught.
Conditions should improve this coming week.
03/01/14 There is lots of rain forecast.
From Casey State Park to the hatchery should
stay clear and provides a great opportunity for
steelhead fishing when the rest of the river is
03/08/14 The lower and middle river is blown
out right now. Keep in mind from Casey State
Park to the hatchery will remain clear and
provides a great opportunity for steelhead
fishing when the rest of the river is blown out.
03/15/14 Stream levels have continued to drop
and conditions are much better. There is a little
rain in the forecast but not enough to blow the
river out again.
03/22/14 Fishing has been excellent for a few
days now throughout the entire system.
Customers have been catching them nymphing
and swinging flies and mostly ordering our
03/29/14 Conditions are okay right now but
there is snow and rain and snow forecast
everyday for the next week.
04/05/14 Winter steelhead fishing opportunities
still exist and may continue for another week or
04/12/14 Lower river chinook are there and
being chased big time. A few winters have also
been taken. Fishing the middle section has
been producing the most..
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04/19/14 Most of the fly fishing action is in the
upper and middle river. It is mostly chinook
anglers working the lower river.
05/17/14 Trout season is closed until May 24th.
Check back next week.
05/24/14 Trout season opens today. The river is
in good conditions and anglers should do well.
Let us hear from you.
05/31/14 Two customers ordering flies reported
they caught several trout this past week above
Lost Creek.They reported that caddis and a
few mayflies are hatching. Summer steelhead
have started showing up in the system.
06.07/14 More good reports from the summer
steelhead and trout being caught. Conditions
remain very good.
06/14/14 Anglers are having fun with the
summer steelhead and there are good
numbers of trout also being caught. Conditions
remain very good in all repects.
06/21/14 We are still getting some very good
reports from customers ordering flies and from
both the Summer run SH and trout. Conditions
remain very good.
07/05/14 More good fishing reports for trout
and summer run Steelhead. Good conditions
07/19 Three customers, one fishing for summer
runs and two for trout, reported excellent
conditions and catching plenty of fish. Watch
the levels but conditions right are as good as
they get during the summer.
07/26/14 Two more good fishing reports
came in for trout this past week. Summer
run steelhead are also being caught.
08/10/14 Steelhead are going over the Gold
Ray dam and being caught in the upper
section of the river and so are trout. This
section of the river isn't producing anything
worth noting.
08/16/14 Anglers are catching plenty of
summer steelhead but not many are fishing
due to the continued hot weather. Some
relief is expected this week.
08/30/14 The weather remained very hot most
of the past two weeks but is forecast to cool
off some. That should improve the fishing.
09/13/14 Angers are catching a few Chinook
in the lower sections, half-pounders and
adult summer steelhead throughout the
system. The weather is still warm but should
be cooling off soon and fishing improving.
09/27/14 More Chinook are entering the
river, Coho are in the estuary, but fly fishing
opportunities consist of adult summers and
half -pounders.
10/11/14 Some Chinook and some Coho
are being caught. Anglers are catching lots
of summer steelhead and that should
continue to be good.
10/18/14 Conditions are improving with more
rain in the forecast and better water levels.
10/25/14 More good reports. It has rained off
and on but pretty consistent rain is expected
the next few days.
11/08/14 The lower Rouge isn't doing so
well. A few fish are being caught but just a
12/07/14 One customer reported catching his
first winter steelhead in the lower river. The
action should begin to pick up this month. He
was swinging flies.
12/20/14 Two more good reports of
steelhead being caught. More fish have
entered the river and it should only get better.
12/27/14 River is blown out.
01/03/15 Two reports of steelhead being
caught. Levels are getting back near normal.
01/10/15 No reports from the past week
for this section of the river. Levels are still
in decent shape.
01/17/15 Steelhead fishing has picked up
and customers are reporting some decent
catches this past week.
01/24/15 Another good report from a
customer catching several fish this past week.
01/31/15 Two more good reports from
customers catching winter steelhead. Stream
levels are good.
02/07/15 Heavy rain has blown the lower
river out. It is expected to continue through
02/21/15 Stream levels are back down
and some wild steehead were caught in
the lower river this past few days.
03/21/15 Customers are reporting good
catches of steelhead. Water is back low
but should be rising this coming week.
04/25/15  Some Chinook are being caught.
05/23/15 Nothing of importance to report
06/13/15 Anglers are continuing to catch
06/20/15 Salmon is the only game in town.
07/04/15 Some salmon but Summer steelhead
fishing is very slow.
07/18/15 Only a few summer run steelhead
are in the river. A few Chinook salmon are
being caught.
07/25/15 It is still slow but cooler weather
should help the coming week.
08/08/15 The lower river has got plenty of
summer steelhead, half pounders, and
Chinook. Some rain and cooler weather
08/15/15 No changes from the past week
except there is no chance of rain for a week.
08/29/15 Chinook should start moving in
from the bag along with more steelhead. The
rain and cooler weather should improve the
"catching" big time.
09/05/15 Coho activity is still mostly in the
bay. Steelhead fishing is marginal at best.
Cooler weather and more rain in needed.
09/12/15 The cooler weather and rain
should come this next week, so we expect a
lot more fish will enter the river.
09/26/15 the river is back low and clear. Rain
is needed to bring more fish into the river.
There isn't much opportunity this coming week.
10/03/15 A few summer steelhead near
Indian Creek are being caught.
10/10/15 A few Chinook are caught by those
willing to try. Some Coho and lots of adult
summer run and half pounders are being
10/24/15 A few steelhead and half-pounders
continue to be caught. Most of them are in
the river now, thanks to last week's rain.
10/31/15 Steelhead and half pounders
continue to be fair with some being caught.
There are more Coho in the river.
11/07/15 A few coho are being caught and a
very few steelhead and some half-pounders.
Rain is forecast everyday and that may help.
11/14/15 We would rate the "catching" fair at
best. There is rain/snow forecast every day.
A few coho, half pounders and steelhead
may be caught.
11/28/15 Anglers are still catching a few
summer steelehead fishiing egg flies below
the salmon redds. Our
Perfect Fly Veiled
Beadhead Crystal steelhead fly is working
great for this.
12/12/15 As you probably already know, the
river is blown out. That is slang language for
very high and muddy. It will take some time.
12/21/15 The river continues to be very high
and muddy. It will probably continue tp be in
this shape for the next few days.
12/26/15 The lower river near Angess,
Oregon, is at 15,000 cfs at 8.26 feet.. Normal
flows are about 5,000 cfs. It is still badly
stained. Note, we added a link to the site on
your left.
USGS Real-time Stream Data:
Rogue Near Angess, Oregon
01/02/16 The stream levels are back at a
normal level and fish are being caught. The
water is colder and there is snow in forecast.
01/09/16 The cold front slowed down the
steelhead bite but it is back in good shape with
warmer weather and rain starting tomorrow.
01/16/16 A few more steelhead were
reported caught this past week but lots of
rain and rain/snow is forecast, so make sure
you check the levels.
01/23/16 The stream flows are 25,000 cfs at
11.18 feet with more rain in the forecast this
coming week.
02/06/16 The lower river has fell back to
good levels and flows and steelhead are
being caught. It should continue to improve.
02/13/16 Stream levels are down to normal
levels and in good shape. Good conditions.
02/20/16 Stream levels are high again and
flowing at 13,800 cfs. The levels need to drop
for fishing conditions to improve.
02/27/16 The river is down to about a normal
level and clear. Steelhead are being caught.
03/12/16 Fish were being caught when the
levels were down but it has been blown out for
some time and appears it will continue to be
high for a few more days due to the forecast.
03/19/16 The river is still high but falling fast
and much lower than it has been. The
steelhead run is near the end.
03/26/16 The stream levels are still high but
hopefully, they will subside by next weekend.
Winter steelhead are about finished.
04/16/16 Spring Chinook fishing is currently
good. Steelhead fishing is over in this section.
The trout fishing season is closed.
05/07/16 There are spring Chinook in the river
and some being caught by boat anglers. There
isn't much opportunity for fly anglers.
05/14/16 Someone ask, can you fish for
springers with fly gear. Answer is yes, sure,
but not so practical from boats.
05/28/16 No reports on the springers. The
fishing has been slow, even with conventional
06/04/16 The first of the summer steelhead
should begin to move into the river this month.
06/11/16 Still no reports of summer runs
coming in the river.
07/02/16 Some Chinook salmon being caught
Not much opportunity for the fly angler.
07/23/16 Low, warm water. Fish the middle
and upper rouge or above the lake for trout.
08/06/16 We are still recommending fishing
the middle and upper rogue. The lower river is
warm and low.
08/13/16 It is going to be even warmer this
coming week. Fish the middle or upper Rogue.
08/20/16 Hot weather and no rain will keep the
levels low and warm.
08/27/16 Half pounders are beginning to show
up but the water is far too warm and low for
much action of any kind.
09/03/16 There isn't much change. Low water
and air temperature in the low eighties.
10/01/16 There are coho in the bay and the
river has lots of half-pounders. They are being
caught in good numbers.
10/08/16 Half pounders are fun, fun, fun on
light line and there are plenty of them.
10/22/16 The half-pounders continue to get
pounded. There are lots of them and not
difficult to catch.
11/19/16 Winter steelhead are showing up
and being caught in the lower river. Swinging,
nymphing and egg flies are working.
12/03/16 The lower river is still producing a
good number of steelhead. Swinging, eggs
and steelhead nymphs are working.
12/10/16 The flows at Agnes are at 19,100 cfs,
or blown out at this time. You will need to watch
the levels and fish when they are falling.
12/24/16 Stream levels are still very high, over
17,000 cfs. Watch the levels and fish when it
falls out.
01/14/17 There have been few steelhead
caught from the bank. The river is dropping and
down not far above normal.
01/21/17 Still high with some stain in the water
but the rain has changed to snow and that will
help. A few steelhead and coho are still being
01/28/17 The stream levels have just got down
to a level you can fish and anglers should
begin to catch steelhead.
Perfect Fly Seelhead Flies.
02/11/17 The river is high and muddy. Watch
the levels and fish as soon as it gets low
enough. Fish were being caught before the rain.
02/25/17 The flows are at 21,800 cfs, or very
high. You will just have to watch the levels and
fish when they fall.
03/11/17 Steelhead and spring Chinook were
being caught until the river shot up again. It is
currently 16,200 at 8.50 ft.
04/01/17 The river is still about 14,000 cfs at
8.03 ft, or about twice normal flows. It is falling
and there is less rain, so what the levels.
04/22/17 The flows are at 10,100 cfs at 6.73 ft.
Normal for this time of the year is about 6180
cfs. Salmon are being caught in decent
numbers from boats and the banks.
04/29/17 The flows are at 11,100 at 7.09, or
still very high. Springers or Chinook salmon
are being caught from the banks and by boat.
05/20/17 There are a few spring Chinook
being caught by boat anglers.
06/03/17 The stream levels are high, flowing at
6120 cfs at 5.13. Summer steelhead, Spring
Chinook and trout fishing is available. .
06/10/17 The water is clearer and lower and
conditions good. Trout, summer steelhead and
some Springer salmon are being caught.
06/23/17 Stream levels are a little high right
now but should drop back down. Trout and
summer runs are being caught.
07/01/17 The levels are down and in good
shape. There are a few fish being caught but
the middle and upper Rogue is much better.
07/22/17 The stream levels are down and
there are some summer SH in the river. No
catch reports the past two weeks.
08/05/17 Steelhead are in the lower river but
we haven't received any reports from anglers
fishing. There is rain forecast that should help.
08/19/17 The lower river is still low. We didn't
receive any reports of fish caught except
downstream of highway #101.
09/02/17 Little change has occurred during the
past two weeks. The water is still too warm.
09/16/17 There are some summer steelhead,
half-pounders, chinook and a few coho in the
lower river. Chinook and half-pounders are
being caught. No reports on the others.
10/14/17 The Chinook, summer steelhead and
some Coho are in the river. There are lots of
half-pounders being caught.
10/19/17 Fishing continues to be very good
for King and Silver salmon as well as some
summer runs and lots of half-pounders.
10/29/17 Summer steelhead and trout is good
in the middle and upper river. Stream levels
are down and in good shape.
11/05/17 High water levels have the fishing
opportunity down to poor. Salmon are in the
little tributaries.
11/20/17 Steelhead and Coho were being
caught prior to the high water levels. Watch
the levels and fish when it drops.
12/11/17 There are winter steelhead being
caught. Send us an email for a recommend fly
12/25/17 Steelhead continue to be caught. The
water is colder and steelhead nymphs are
working some better than swinging or eggs.
02/12/18 The river is turning out good
numbers of steelhead in all sections. At this
time, swinging and steelhead nymphs are
working best.
02/26/18 There are some steelhead being
caught. The stream levels are low making it a
little tough.
03/05/18 Stream levels are up and conditions
much better. We are recommending our
steelhead nymphs at this time.
03/12/18 Good numbers of winter steelhead
are being caught. Stream levels are in good
03/19/18 Conditions remain good and good
numbers of fish are still being caught.
04/02/19 Stream levels are a good bit below
normal. There's still a good number of winter
steelhead being caught.
04/09/18 The levels are good and large
numbers of steelhead are being caught. You
better get it while the gettin's good.
05/01/18 Steelhead are done. Chinook
salmon are entering the river.
06/19/18 The lower flows are ideal for early
summer steelhead. A few Chinook are being
07/03/18 Summer steelhead are being
caught in fairly good numbers also with a
few Chinook.
07/24/18 Stream levels are still a little low but
summer steelhead and a few Chinook are
being caught.
08/21/18 Hatchery Coho and Chinook are
being caught and half pounders and summer
runs adults are being caught upstream.
09/05/18 Chinook, Summer steelhead and half
pounders are still being caught. They are
spread throughout the lower river.
10/18/18 Chinook, summer steelhead and
half pounders are moving up the river and
being caught. Stream levels are low but okay.
11/05/18 Chinook, and Coho are in the river
moving upstream and some are being caught.
Both half pounders and summer run
steelhead are also being caught.
11/15/18 There are some Coho still being
caught,.Most summer steelhead are upstream.
12/01/18 The river is up and good numbers of
coho salmon are being caught. It should
continue to get better as it falls.
12/08/18 The higher water levels continue o
bring fish into the river including more coho.
Fishing for them isn't easy right now due to
the high levels.
12/15/18 It is in good shape now, but headed
back up with new rain squalls. Fish when it
12/22/18 The river is back down in good
shape and fish are being caught. Coho are
still being caught.
12/30/18 The river is down below normal
levels and Coho are being caught. There are
some steelhead and some trout being caught
as well.
01/06/19 Rain has brought more fish into the
river. Coho are being caught in decent
numbers. A few steelhead and trout are being
01/20/19 The river has lots of winter
steelhead and hatchery chinook. Levels are
up but falling fast. Send us an email for fly
01/27/19 Stream levels are back down from
recent heavy rains. The river is full of winter
steelhead and hatchery Chinook.
02/03/19 Conditions are good and good
numbers of fish are being caught. Send us
an email for a fly list.
02/10/19 Winter steelhead and hatchery
Chinook are in the river and being caught.
Conditions are good.
02/17/19 Good numbers of winter steelhead
are being caught from the banks and boats.
Conditions are good.
03/12/19 Winter steelhead are being
caught in very good number from the bank
and by boat. Good as it gets.
03/22/19 Winter steelhead fishing continues
to be very good with good numbers of fish
being caught.
04/07/19 There are lots of winter steelhead
being caught from the bank, wading and
boat before th high water. Fish as soon as it
04/20/19 The flows are still high but okay for
bank anglers. Lots of winter steelhead and
some Chinook are being caught. Today,
should be a good day.
05/19/19 The river is turning out some good
catches of trout. There are some good
hatches taking place. A few steelhead and
several Spring Chinook are being caught as
06/28/19 The river is okay shape with trout
and summer run steelhead being caught in
good number. Shoot us an email for a fly
07/05/19 The summer run action has slowed
down Trout are still being caught in good
07/19/19 Not much action at all. Fish the
middle and upper Rogue.
08/06/19 There are a very few fish being
caught in the lower river but you would be
far better off fishing the middle or upper.
08/27/19 There have been a few Chinook
caught and a very few steelhead but
nothing to write home about.
09/08/19 A few Chinook and steelhead,
both hatchery raised, are being caught.
09/20/19 Steelhead fishing has picked up
and anglers are catching decent
numbers. Both adults and half pounders
are being caught.
10/01/19 There are still good numbers of
half pounders and steelhead being
10/20/19 River levels are a little above
normal, but we continue to get good
reports from our customers about the
steelhead, half pounders and Chinook
10/27/19 The river is down to normal levels
and in good shape. We are getting good
reports. Chinook, Steelhead and Half
Pounders are being caught.
02/08/20 Winter steelhead are being
caught by bank anglers. It will improve as
the levels drop. Conditions are fairly good.
02/23/2020 The river is turning our some
good steelhead catches and a few spring
chinook. Stream levels are okay.
03/16/2020 Winter steelhead are still
being caught in the river. Nymphs, eggs
and steelhead streamers are working for
our customers.  
05/01/20 Chinook salmon are entering
the river. Stream levels are below normal.
You should be able to catch some nice
05/16/20 Conditions remain good. Trout
are also being caught.
06/02/20 Summer steelhead should be
showing up. Trout fishing above lost creek
is very good.
06/13/20 We are getting some good
reports from customers fishing for trout.
07/08/20 We recommend fishing the
middle and upper sections. Not much
going on in the lower river.
07/21/20 Salmon are entering the river.
The middle and upper section are the
sections to fish right now.
08/21/20 The lower river is turning out
some Chinook and half pounders.
Conditions will continue to improve.
09/12/20 Few fish are in the river but the
cooler weather and rain ahead should
bring a lot more into the river.
10/03/20 There are  a few Chinook, some
Coho, summer steelhead and
half-pounders being caught.  
10/22/20 There are still plenty Chinook
and summer steelhead in the river and
being caught by our customers.
11/10/20 Coho salmon and some
steelhead and half-pounders are being
11/28/20 The lower river is getting
some good runs of winter steelhead.
We are getting good reports from
12/14/20 More good reports from
customes catching steelhead and trout
are coming in. The stream levels are
okay and the fish willng.
12/26/20 The river is still turning out
good catches of both trout and
steelhead for our customers. Conditions
are good.
01/10/21 There are a few winter
steelhead being caught, Stream levels are
good and we are getting some good
01/27/21 Stream levels are low but we
are still getting good reports. Fish our
Perfect fly steelhead nymphs, slow and
in the deeper water.
02/24/21 We are getting good reports
from customers catching steelhead.
Nymphs and swinging our SH
streamers are working.