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Fly Fishing Gear, Tackle and Trout Flies - Rosebud Creek Montana
Fly Line:
For the small cutthroat and brook trout you will most likely be using small dry flies. The ideal fly
line would be a 3 weight or lighter, floating fly line. If you fish for the brown and rainbow trout in
the larger portions of both the North and South Fork Rosebud Creek, we suggest something
larger. A 5 weight fly line would deliver most flies that are ideal for most of the fly fishing. If you
fish streamers and larger nymphs, then you should consider using a 6 weight, floating fly line.

Fly Rod:
For the small trout, we would recommend a 3 weight, eight to eight and one half foot,medium
action fly rod. For the five weight line, we would recommend a 5 weight, eight and one-half to
nine foot, medium fast to fast action fly rod. The rod for the 6 weight line should be from eight
and a half to nine foot long, in a medium fast to fast action. A slightly heavier tip comes in
handy for larger nymphs.

Fly Reel:
The reel for the 3 weight line isn't all that important as long as it is light and holds the line. The
reel for the 5 and 6 weight lines should have a good drag. It should be smooth and adjust to
fine increments.

You should probably use at least 71/2 foot leader anywhere you fish Rosebud Creek.  In some
situations you may need to use a 12 foot leader. We suggest you have them in sizes ranging
from a 1X for streamers, up to 7X for small dry flies.

You should have extra tippet material in sizes ranging from 1X to 7X.

I would not want to fish Rosebud Creek without waders.

Wading Boots:
Felt soles would be our choice for wading boots. The new rubber soles may work well. We
haven't tried them there yet.

Wading Staff:
A wading staff would be optional. It certainly doesn't hurt to have one with high water.

Landing Net:
A landing net would be recommended but not necessary.

We always recommend our own "Perfect Fly" Trout Flies. We have specific imitations of every
important insect that hatches on Rosebud Creek. Our flies are the most realistic imitations you
can buy as well as the most effective imitations you can obtain. If you haven't already tried
them, you certainly should. If you have tried them, you already know the difference.
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