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Fly Fishing Guide for North, South and Little Sandy Creeks New
The three Sandy Creeks, Little Sandy Creek, North Sandy Creek, and South Sandy
Creek, have runs of steelhead, and brown trout form Lake Ontario. As mentioned on the
main page, fish enter these small streams from the lake during times of migration but
only during periods of high water. High water is caused by heavy interior rainfall.
Remember that high water is a huge key to fish being present in any of the Sandy
Creeks. Most of these fish show up to enter the creeks from about the first of October to
the end of December.

As its name implies, Little Sandy Creek is the smallest of the three streams. It probably
averages only twenty feet wide in most places. As small as it is, fly fishing Little Sandy
Creek is still productive at times. It usually has some decent runs of steelhead, brown
trout and even a few salmon. Access to Little Sandy Creek is provided from and off
routes #81, #11 and #3. Route #120 runs alongside the stream. Route #15 runs along
side the streams.

North Sandy Creek is probably the least fished of the three creeks. Fly fishing North
Sandy Creek at the right time can produce some nice steelhead. It can be accessed
from Route #3, route #75 and #193 which crosses the stream.

South Sandy Creek is the largest and the preferred stream of the three Sandy Creek
streams. It probably averages as much as 50 feet wide. It has runs of salmon and
steelhead when timing of the migrations and the flows are right. South Sandy Creek can
be accessed from South Landing Road near Ellisburg. Roads leading off Route #193
also provide access. South Landing Road near the lake probably has the best access.
There are other access roads to South Sandy Creek.
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Photo Courtesy of
Dennis McCarthy
Photo Courtesy of
Dennis McCarthy