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Fly Fishing Guide to the Seletz River Oregon
The Siletz River's Sea-run Cutthroat Trout is a fishery few anglers are familiar with. The Siletz
is a excellent river for the sea-run cutthroat trout because of it's deep, with lots of slow-moving
pools that attract the sea runs cutthroat in the Fall. The fish stay in the river until Spring.
These sea run cutthroat will also be found in runs and riffles where they eat the small salmon
that are moving downstream.  Be certain to check the current regulations on these fish as they
are subject to change from year to year.

These Spring season sea-run cutthroat are in higher and colder water than anglers are used
to fishing during the Fall. Fly fishing the Seletz River for these fish is often difficult. They are
often slow to take a fly and not very active. They are usually scattered and not found in any
particular area. The sea-run cutthroats move back downstream and work their way back to sea
for the summer. They primarily eat salmon, steelhead eggs and crayfish.

The summer run of steelhead starts in May and ceases about the middle of November. It peaks
in July. This is just about the time the winter run of steelhead trout starts. The winter run is over
by May. It peaks in February and March. In the North Fork of the Seletz River you fish only with
a barbless fly and keep only hatchery steelhead. The wild steelhead must be released.

The spring run of Chinook Salmon starts in May and runs through August. It peaks during June
and July. The Fall run of Chinook Salmon starts in August and last through November. It peaks
in September and October.

The Seletz river can be fished from a drift boat in three different sections of water. There are
several launch areas where a drift boat can be put in the water. You can put in at the upper
Moonshine Park and fish downstream to the boat ramp at Twin Bridges. From Twin Bridges
you can fish downstream to the town of Siletz. There's a boat ramp at each end of town., where
there are boat ramps at both the upper and lower ends of town. You can fish from the lower
boat ramp in Siletz downstream to Morgan Park.
Siletz River, Oregon
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