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Fly Fishing Guide to the South Fork of the Root River in
This beautiful small, spring fed stream has a constant flow of water with moderate runs,
but mostly slow riffles and long pools. Much of its banks are grass covered but some
areas have heavy brush along the banks. The fish are very plentiful and fishing is
usually fairly easy. The stream is well stocked and the fish usually respond well to dry
flies. Of course, the wild browns that exist in parts of the stream are not that easy to

The rainbows tend to stay out in the faster water of the runs and riffles along with the
smaller brown trout. The larger browns seek the shade of heavy cover consisting mostly
of undercut banks. The stream is much like a western meadow stream. It meanders
back and forth trough pasture country with heavy streamside vegetation along its
banks. The larger browns are usually found in the outside bends of the creek or
anywhere there is deadfalls or trees limbs in the water.  

The best fishing is between Saratoga to Bucksnort Dam and for about a mile and a half
below the dam. There has been a lot of stream improvements that have taken place in
this section of the river.

Although generic flies will work fine for the newly stocked rainbow and brown trout,
catching the larger holdover brown trout usually requires matching the available aquatic
insects. Streamers also work well for catching the larger brown trout during the Fall
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South Fork of the Root
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