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Fly Fishing Guide to Silver Creek Idaho

The section of water within the Preserve is only about a mile long. It gets a lot of pressure
from anglers from all over the world. It takes a lot of patients to fish this stream successfully.
The trout are very leader shy. They have also seen just about every trout fly there is. Keep
in mind that they have probably been spooked more than once by other anglers.

You will find a little current in the very upper end of the Preserve where the stream is small.
Some of the images shown in this section shows part of the stream near the upper end. You
can catch trout easier there then anywhere we know of in Silver Creek but they are certainly
no pushover. The speed of the current just helps disguise the fly enough to fool them. The
problem is, the trout are mostly small rainbows that feed in the current. The larger trout tend
to stay in the larger bodies of water downstream.

One of the problems you have fishing Silver Creek is maneuvering around in the aquatic
vegetation. One step in the wrong place and you will be stuck in the soft bottom. Wading
takes a little getting used to. The other problem with wading is the depth of the water. Much
of it is just too deep to wade.  

You can use float tubes in the creek. They are effective, especially in the ponds, as they are
called. These are large pools, or areas where the water flows very slowly. Wading in the
lower section of the Preserve is difficult or impossible because of the water depths. You can
wade most of the upper and middle areas of the Preserve.

To catch trout consistently in Silver Creek requires paying very close attention to the
hatches. If nothing is hatching, and that isn't very often, then you need to pay attention to
what is going to hatch next, or what insect is most plentiful and available to the trout at the
time. Fishing nymphs and imitations of larvae can be productive, but it is usually difficult
because of the vegetation. You must "sight fish" around the vegetation and use the correct
weight on the fly or you will either stay hung up or not catch anything.

The other key is the same key to fishing any spring creek with slow moving water. It's almost
always better to find a trout and fish to it, than it is to blind cast. Sneaking around and
stalking trout is a big part of the process you will need to go through to catch trout. Blind
casting usually just results in spooking a lot of trout.
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