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Hatches and Trout Flies for Silver Creek Idaho
The hatches on Silver Creek are usually large. In fact, most of the summer you will be
challenged with multiple hatches. The water chemistry is great for aquatic insects and
there's plenty of them. The pH is high, perfect for many insects, and that's the number one
reason why the trout average a large size. They have a lot to eat.

One insect that you will find abundant at times, especially during its fall hatch, is the
Blue-winged Olive. There are several species that exist in different sizes, so you need to
pay attention to the actual sizes of the hatching BWOs. They can range from a hook size
16 up to a size 22. The first hatch occurs from about the middle of May through June. The
second hatch, which is larger, occurs from about the first of September and can last all the
way into the first of December.

In June, you will find both a Green Drake hatch and a Brown Drake hatch. Since these
insects hatch at different times, you will need to stay busy all day long in June. The Pale
Morning Dun mayflies can start hatching as early as the first of May, but expect the largest
hatches to occur during June and the first part of July.

The single largest hatch of mayflies is the Callibaetis hatch, or Speckle Wing Quill. These
insects hatch in huge quantities, starting about the first of June and it can last into the
middle of September. Tricos start hatching in August and usually continue on into
September. These little mayflies are important because there are fewer hatches occurring
at that time. You will also find some Mahogany Duns that hatch during the month of

Caddisflies are also very plentiful. Often they are more plentiful than anything for the trout
to eat. The most abundant ones are different species of Spotted Sedges. They hatch from
about the first of June on into the middle of August.

The Green Sedges, consisting of more than one species, hatch from about the first of June
on into September. These are important because the trout eat a lot of their larvae called
Rock Worms. There are several other species of caddisflies that hatch on Silver Creek.
Some of the longhorn species and several other small caddisflies, especially the little micro
caddis, can be found hatching throughout the summer and early fall.

About the only stonefly of any significance are the Little Yellow Stoneflies, or Yellow Sallies.
They hatch in limited quantities during July.

Don't overlook the midge. They hatch throughout the year and may possible be about the
only thing the trout are eating on some days. We suggest you always have some imitations
of their pupae and the adults.

There are a variety of different types of minnows and baitfish and of course, some sculpin
that exist in Silver Creek. You will find that trout can be taken on streamers mostly during
very low light conditions. Early mornings, late afternoons and times when the skies are
heavily overcast are best for streamer fishing.

There's a huge amount of terrestrial insects around this stream. Grasshoppers, ants, and
beetles are plentiful during July, August and September. You should have imitations of
each of these.

Damselflies and Dragonflies are both very plentiful. Trout can be taken on imitations of
their nymphs throughout the season. Craneflies are also plentiful.

Scuds are extremely plentiful in Silver Creek. Imitations of them will catch trout year-round.

We have the best flies you can purchase for fishing Silver Creek. "Perfect Flies" are
available for all the insects found on this stream. They are highly imitative of the naturals
and proven to be very effective on this spring creek. If you haven't already done so, we
hope you will give them a try. You will not be disappointed.
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