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Fly Fishing The Siuslaw River Oregon
The Siuslaw River is approximately 110 miles long and
drains part of the Central Oregon Coast Range. The
headwaters of the Siuslaw River begin near Cottage
Grove, Oregon. The river is formed by the confluence of
many small creeks, and flows through the Siuslaw
National Forest. It enters the Pacific Ocean at Florence,

Fly fishing the Siuslaw River is usually best during its
winter steelhead run but it is probably better known for
its salmon. The Siuslaw River has a very good fall run of
Chinook salmon but again, its prime fishing for fly
anglers is the winter steelhead run. They first enter the
Siuslaw River in December and continue through the
month of February. Sea-run Cutthroat trout can also be
caught in August and September.

Fishing access is good. The Siuslaw River has
numerous private and public boat ramps in the tidewater
area and many others upstream along the river. The
river is paralleled for much of its length by Oregon
highways #126 and #36. Highway  #101  crosses the
river at Florence.

Lake Creek is a large tributary that enters the Siuslaw
River approximately five miles upstream. At times, it can
provide more water than the main stem itself.  As a
result, Lake Creek also provides some great fishing for
salmon and steelhead. Access to Lake Creek is from
state highway #36. Lake Creek isn't exactly a creek. It is
more like a small river. It also has some boat launch sites.

Hatchery fish can also be caught in the North Fork of the
Siuslaw River. It's a completely separate river that enters
the bay. The wild (unclipped) steelhead must be

The steelhead fishing is at its best from the middle of
December through March.
Chinook salmon enter the river in late August and
continue through the middle of November. Sea-run cutts
are in the river during August and September.
Fall is generally best for the salmon fishing..
The first run of winter steelhead come in the Siuslaw
River in December and continue through February.
Type of Stream

Steelhead (hatchery, some wild)
Coho Salmon
Chinook Salmon
Cutthroat - Sea Run

Small to Large

Western Oregon

Nearest Towns
Cottage Grove

Varies by species. See current

Very Good

Non-Resident License
State of Oregon

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USGS Stream Flow Data:
Near Mapeleton
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Siuslaw River Fishing Report:
05/07/16 We will resume these reports when the
sea-run cutts enter the river in August.
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