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Fly Fishing Guide to the Snake River Wyoming
This river has a diverse selection of different types of water ranging from deep, long runs,
wide flats, riffles, and undercut banks. It has a lot of cover in it including large rocks, tree
tops and logs.

The upper section of the river, between the Yellowstone Park and Lake Jackson, is a wide. It
picks up the flow from the Lewis River just inside Yellowstone National Park and flows into
Lake Jackson right along the Grand Teton National Park line. This section is mostly gravel
bottom river with heavy willows along its bank. During the fall, brown trout move out of Lake
Jackson into the river to spawn. Lake trout and cutthroat trout move into the river behind the

The section below Jackson Dam down to Pacific Creek, a distance of just over four miles, is
very popular because it stays clear most of the year. It holds lots of Whitefish and even some
Lake Trout in addition to its cutthroat trout. This section can be waded and fished from a drift
boat. This is fairly smooth, slick water and the trout can become a little selective at times.

Below the Pacific Creek confluence, the river is subject to being stained from the water of
Pacific Creek after periods of heavy rains. The eleven mile section from the boat launch at
Pacific Creek to Deadman's Bar is quite different. You should first fish this section by boat
with an experienced person. It can be difficult and even dangerous to navigate. The fishing is

The eight mile long section from Deadman's Bar to Moose can also be a little tricky to
navigate. This section can be waded in several areas. It is also a popular and productive
stretch of river to fish.

From Moose down to Wilson Bridge, a distance of fourteen and a half miles, can also be
difficult to float unless you are familiar with the river. It provides excellent fishing both by drift
boat and from the banks in some locations.

The thirteen mile long section of the river from Wilson Bridge down to highway 26/89 bridge
(South Park) is another stretch of water that is popular with the locals.

The eleven mile stretch of river from the South Park takeout down to Astoria Springs flows
through a canyon. The Hoback River joins the Snake just about Astoria Springs.

The last section of the Snake in Wyoming, approximately twenty miles long, runs from Astoria
Springs down to Palisades Lake. It drops at a very steep decline. Rapids are common and
this part of the river is white water heaven. You can fish the upper parts from the banks in
some areas, but fishing from a boat should be out.
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Snake River Wyoming