Angie Marsh fishing Snake River
Snake River YNP
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Fly Fishing The Snake River In
Yellowstone National Park
Except at its exit near the park boundary, the Snake
River is one of the most remote streams in the park. It
gets very little pressure from anglers because it takes a
long hike to reach the better part of the stream. It is the
beginning of a 1, 056 mile long river.

The South Boundary Trail, located at the South
Entrance to the park, will take you to the Snake River
Trail that follows the river closely but it's a nine mile hike
on the South Boundary Trail to reach the Snake River
Trail. Most of the fish are cutthroat trout.

The Snake River Trail is a rough one to follow. It crosses
the river several times and goes up and down some very
steep slopes. Some of the river is in a deep canyon. It's
in the most remote and rugged section of Yellowstone
Park. There are far more wild animals than humans.

The Snake River in the park is part of the beginning of
one of the greatest streams in the Northwest. The lower
portion of the stream inside the park can offer some
good fishing at times but like many headwaters, the
uppermost parts of the stream contains relatively small
trout. We wouldn't call it a prime destination but could
provide an enjoyable trip for those who like solitude. It's
doubtful you would ever be crowded.

Several tributary streams make up its flow including
Heart River, Wolverine Creek, Red Creek and many
other small streams.

Unless you willing to hike into the back country of
Yellowstone National Park, your only opportunity to fish
this great river in the park will be near the South
Entrance. No other sections of the Snake River can be
reached without a lengthy hike. Fly fishing the Snake
River in the best areas requires a lot of effort.

The season is a fairly short one in the Southeast corner.
There's little to be offered in the Spring on the Snake
River. It is normally the first of July before it clears up.
Summer is the best time for fly fishing the Snake River.
The first of Autumn can provide some good brown trout
fishing in the lower end of the snake.

Fly Fishing Guide to the Snake River
Parts of the Snake are easy to fish but difficult to
access. The meadows hold the larger trout.
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Type of Stream

Cutthroat Trout
Brook Trout
Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout
Lake Trout
(Wild Trout)


Northwestern Wyoming, YNP

Nearest Towns
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Last of May - October


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Snake River, YNP
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