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Fly Fishing The Snoqualmie River
The Snoqualmie River is a 45-mile long river that drains
the west side of the Cascade Mountains in the state of
Washington. It joins the Skykomish River to form the
Snohomish River. The river has three forks, the South,
Middle and North Forks. Most of the Snoqualmie's water
comes from snowmelt within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

The 30 mile long South Fork of the Snoqualmie River is
begins at the outlet of Source Lake, and joins the
Snoqualimie River just above Snoqualmie Falls. The
Middle Fork is about 41 miles long and originates from
Chains Lakes. It flows though Williams Lake and then
joins North Fork. The Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie
River has two major tributaries, the Taylor Rier and the
Pratt River. It also has a major waterfall. It has one major
waterfall along its course. The North Fork of the
Snoqualmie River starts from the outlet of Lake Kanim
and flows for about 29 miles before joining the Middle
Fork. There are several waterfalls along its course.

The Snoqualmie River has runs of winter and summer
steelhead and Silver, Pink, Chinook and Chum salmon. It
also has a very good sea-run of cutthroat. The upper
forks of the river has populations of rainbows, brook and
cutthroat trout.

The river is generally divided into three sections that are
quite different from each other. The lower Snoqualmie
River flows slowly through mostly farmland. It is usually
fished from a boat. Most of the fish in this section are
migrating to and from the middle section of the river.

The middle section runs from the falls upstream to
Carnation. This section has moderate to fast water with
plenty of riffles and runs. The 268 foot Snoqualmie
Waterfall prevent the anadromous species from
venturing further upstream.

The Upper section of the Snoqualmie River consist of
the three forks - the South, Middle and North Fork. The
three forks of the river has populations of wild rainbow
trout and Westslope cutthroat trout.

Fly fishing the Snoqualmie River can be difficult at times.
It is a pure freestone river without dams to control the
flow of water. Mother Nature is totally in charge of the
stream heights.

The hatchery run steelhead season opens June 1. The
summer run steelhead fishing can be good from August
all the way to December. It is more popular with anglers
than the winter run steelhead because the stream levels
are more predictable. The month of August is also the
time the sea-run cutthroat, Coho Salmon and in odd
years, the Pink Salmon enter the river. Heavy rainfall
starts the winter run of hatchery raised steelhead. The
hatchery run is best during late December and early
January but they can be caught up until the season
closes the end of February. The section below
Snoqualmie Falls is closed during the months of March,
April and May.

The trout fishing season in the upper Snoqualmie River
varies. The Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie is open year-
round for rainbow, brook and westslope cutthroat trout
fishing. The South and North forks are open from June 1
to October 31.  

Varies depending on the species and section of the river.
Except during runoff, Spring is a good time for fly fishing
the upper Snoqualmie River for trout.  .
Summer is the best time to fish the river. Summer run
steelhead, salmon and trout fishing is good during the
Summer months.
August starts the sea-run cutthroat season. Early Fall is
good for trout fishing. Fall is also good for summer run
steelhead and salmon.
Winter is great for winter run steelhead until the season
closes at the end of February.
Type of Stream

Rainbow Trout (Wild)
Westslope Cutthroat (Native)
Cutbow (Hybrid)
Brook Trout
Silver Salmon
Pink Salmon
Chinook Salmon
Chum Salmon

Ranges from small to large

Eastern Washington

Nearest Towns
North Bend

Seasons are species and stream
section dependant


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State of Washington

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Snoqualmie River Fishing Report -
11/26/13 River has been dingy and high but
falling and should be in good shape soon. No
Winter Steelhead reported caught  yet.
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Fishing Report Updated 12/04/17
12/15/13 Plenty of anglers fishing according to
a customer ordering flies but he hasn't seen
any caught or talked to anyone that has
caught a steelhead. Hang on in there. It will
happen soon.
12/19/13 Anglers reporting catching some
steelhead in the Cable Hole. Still need
more water as the levels are low.
01/11/14 Badly needed rain is occurring
and the stream is rising. This should end
the drought era and bring end some
02/06/14 The water is still low but a few
fish are being caught. Help is arriving
anytime now in the form of badly needed
rain so that should improve the fishing.
02/15/14 Stream is flowing high and there
is heavy rain and rain/snow in the forecast
everyday for the next week.
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12/25/14 River is closed to fishing below
Fall City, so fish upstream from there.
Anglers are catching winter steelehead.
Check out the
Perfect Fly Steelhead flies.
02/12/15 Sorry for the lack of reports.The
road is closed from Fall City to the Neal Road
launch ramp. It is best to fish avove Fall City
USGS Real-time Stream Data:
Near Snoqualmie Washington
Snoqualmie River Fishing Report:
02/06/16 The river is down to normal stream
levels for this time of the year. Winter
steelhead are in the river and being caught.
Fish from Fall City to the Snoqualmie Falls.
03/26/16 The Snoqualmie is closed to fishing
until June 1, 2016. You can fish for rainbow
and cutthroat trout above the falls. Send us an
email and let us help you plan that next trip -
01/14/17 The river is still closed due to low
numbers of steelhead.
07/30/17 We got reports that a few summer runs
are being caught. Sea-run cutts are entering the
river in good numbers. Fish from the mouth
upstream a few miles. Send us an email and we
will send you a list of recommended flies.
12/04/17 Hatchery closed due to low steelhead returns.