Angie Marsh with Soda Butte Creek Cutthroat
Angie Marsh fishing Soda Butte Creek
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Fly Fishing Soda Butte Creek In
Yellowstone National Park
Soda Butte Creek, a tributary of the Lamar River, is one
of the most beautiful trout streams in the World. Its ice
cold water flows from just outside of the park into the
Northeast corner of the park near Cook City, Montana. It
begins as a small pocket water stream and first passes
under the Northeast Entrance Road just a short ways
inside the park. Below there, it enters the Icebox
Canyon, a deep ravine that gets very little sun. Ice
remains there most of the year.

Not far below the Icebox Canyon, Soda Butte Creek
picks up the water from Pebble creek, a small tributary
stream. Pebble Creek also provide good fishing for
smaller cutthroat trout and is the location of a major

The trout in the entire upper portion of Soda Butte
Creek only average about eight to twelve inches with
some probably reaching fourteen inches or more. They
are usually very eager to take your fly and provide a lot
of action and fun. Fly fishing Soda Butte Creek in its
uppermost headwaters is a lot of fun. You can usually
catch a lot of decent size trout.

The lower part of Soda Butte Creek meanders back and
forth through large, open meadows. Large cutthroat
trout up to eighteen inches and even better can be
taken from the meadow section located the first few
miles above the Lamar River confluence. The trout in
this section probably average twelve to fourteen inches.

When the cutthroat trout first move up into the
meadows, it is usually fairly easy to catch some very
nice size trout. As the season goes by, daily fishing
pressure seems to make the cutts easier to spook. Late
in the season, it usually becomes much more difficult to
catch them but good catches are still very possible.

The season is a short one in the Northeast corner of the
Late spring offers very little, if any opportunity for fishing
Soda Butte Creek. It's normally the first week of July
before the water is suitable for fishing.
Summertime is by far the best time to fish the creek.
There are several good hatches of aquatic insects and
the stream is usually full of fish that move out of the
Lamar River into the meadows.
Early fall can provide some decent fishing. By that time
most of the trout in Soda Butte have seen plenty of flies
and they do become more and more difficult to catch.

Fly Fishing Guide to the Soda Butte Creek
The methods and techniques you should use for fly
fishing Soda Butte Creek varies with the particular
location and time of the season.
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Type of Stream

Cutthroat Trout
Rainbow Trout
(Wild Trout)


Northwestern Wyoming, YNP

Nearest Towns
Cook City, Montana

Last of May - October


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