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Fly Fishing Guide for the South Fork of the Holston River Virginia

This is a beautiful little stream that is usually only lightly fished. Its remote and not very
easy to find location keeps it that way. Also, the many other fine trout streams in the area
keep it from being over pressured.

The stocked area of the stream is easy to reach anywhere below the little pond. One easy
way to get to it is to park at the fish hatchery office and walk through the ponds to the
stream. The first section you come to is only part of it. If you cross the stream you will find it
is split at that point and there is another section on the other side of what amounts to a
small island. The streams on both sides are excellent.

To fish the upper part of the stream you will need to drive to the end of the road and park.
Walk upstream from there. You will need to stay in the water in some areas. It is almost
impossible to walk along the banks in some places. We usually fish our way upstream as
we go, otherwise you would be spooking a lot of trout wading upstream. It is possible to
access the stream from the top of the hill or mountain but we haven't tried it.

Usually, short upstream presentations is the best way to fish the stream. In some areas the
overhanging tree limbs force you to make some very creative cast. It is tightly enclosed in
many areas. The decline is rather steep in some places, so be prepared to do some
climbing in the upper section.

Fish the current seams and edges of the pockets. Depending on the time of year and the
hatches, you will mostly fish the riffles and runs. The "High Stickin" method of nymph fishing
is very effective in this stream. Imitations of stonefly nymphs just about always work well.
The stream has a large stonefly population of several different species.
South Holston River
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