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Fly Fishing South Branch Potomac River
West Virginia
The actual name of this river is a mouth full of words -the
North Fork of the South Branch Potomac River. That's the  
name of the section of the South Branch Potomac River in
West Virginia with trout and the subject of this article. This
is just a small section of a big river that flows all the way to
Chesapeake Bay.

Its water has one hybrid trout that's rather unusual, or
maybe I should say, different trout - the Palomino rainbow
trout. They call it the Golden trout in West Virginia.
There's also plenty of rainbows, browns and some brook
trout in the waters of the North Fork of the South Branch
of the Potomac River. This stream has some excellent
wading water but it can also be fished from a small boat or

The South Branch Potomac has some large pools, plenty
of riffles and a few fast runs. Some sections offer some
good pocket water.

Access is plentiful along highway #28/55. There are plenty
of pullouts along the road. The river along the route #28
section is a smaller size stream. This section of the stream
consist mostly of pocket water. Access is also available
from River Road near the Ranger Station.

The river can also be floated in a small pontoon type
vessel, canoe or kayak. You can launch at Weldon Park.
There are several other launches.

There are some private  sections of water on the South
Branch Potomac River. Harman's North Fork Cottages is
one located in Cabins. This area is heavily stocked.

There's also a mile of "catch and release" water in the
Seneca Rocks area. It is open to the public and thanks to
some rather good fishing opportunities it stays quite busy
with anglers during the prime season.

The only downfall to the fishing in the South Branch
Potomac River is the water can get too warm during the
hottest days of Summer.

You can fish the river year-round.
Spring provides the best fishing provided the water levels
are not too high.
The stream can get too warm during the hot days of
Fall is a great time for fly fishing the South Branch
Potomac River.
Fly fishing the stream during the winter can be okay on
warm days but it's not usually not very productive.
Type of Stream

Brook Trout (stocked and wild)
Rainbow Trout (stocked with some
Golden Trout (stocked)
Brown Trout (few wild, mostly
stocked with holdovers)

Small to Medium

Northeastern West Virginia

Nearest Towns
Seneca Rocks


Good, some private property

USGS Stream Flow Data:
At Cabins

Non-Resident License
State of West Virginia

National Weather Service Link

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South Branch Potomac River Fishing
11/24/13 Stream levels very high. Anglers will
have to wait two to three day or maybe even
more to fish. Flowing at 2100 cfs at 6.7 ft near
Cabins. Normal flow is about 256 cfs at this time
of the year.
Fishing Report Updated 03/08/15
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01/11/14 The stream is currently flowing near
normal at 374 cfs at 4.92 ft. The water remains
warm enough to provide excellent fly fishing
04/07/14 We have received two good
reports within the last few days on the
South Branch. One guy ordering flies
reported he caught several nice trout on
Brown Sculpin and BWO nymphs.
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12/25/14 Sorry for the lack of reports. It isn't
because the fishing hasn't been excellent.
We have several customers ordering flies
and catching trout on midges. Fish the larva
and pupa in tandem, red or cream.
02/12/15 We have had several good reports
during the last month. Customers have been
catching trout on our Brown Sculpin
streamers and Cream Midge pupa and larva.
03/0815 Two customers caught several nice
size brown trout this past week on our Brown
Sculpin streamer. Watch the stream levels.
There is a lot of rain forecast this week.