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Fly Fishing Guide for Spring Creek, Pennsylvania
The uppermost section of Spring Creek, starting at its source near Linden Hall is a very small
spring creek that flows through meadows. From Houserville downstream to Fisherman's
Paradise is considered the middle section of the stream. From Fisherman's Paradise
downstream to the confluence of Bald Eagle Creek is called the lower section. This is probably
the best section. It is larger with more insects than the middle or upper sections.

Spring Creek is different from many limestone spring creeks in that it has an ample amount of
pocket water. It is easy to wade and not chocked with vegetation like many spring creeks.
There are plenty of plants in the water but you can usually get around fairly well most places.

Don't overlook the small tributaries. They all have stream-bred brown trout. At Oak Hill, Cedar
Run comes enters Spring Creek. It is a open meadow type spring creek. Downstream a short
ways, Slab Cabin Run enters the creek. Two more tributaries enter near Bellefonte. Logan
Branch enters about the middle of Bellefonte. It is a nice little stream with some large browns.
Buffalo Run enters at the lower end of Bellefonte. It also has plenty of stream-bred brown trout.

Trico hatches are very plentiful on Spring Creek. From about the middle of July all the way
through the month of September you will find large hatches of the White Winged Curse.
Spinner falls can produce some good fishing.

One good thing about fishing Spring Creek is that the trout eat midges year-round. They are
especially important during the cold months of the year. From November through the month of
February, don't overlook these tiny flies. You can experience some good fishing in the middle
of the winter.

At one time, several years ago, this was a bad polluted stream. Many insect species that once
existed there are no longer present, including the Green Drake. Although this was terrible,
today you will find it clear, free of pollution and one of the best streams in the state of
Spring Creek
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