Yellowstone National Park brook trout stream
Angie Marsh fishing in Yellowstone National Park
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Fly Fishing Guide for Straight, Winter, Panther, Indian and
Obsidian Creeks (YNP) Wyoming
Straight Creek is a small meadow steam that flows North into and out of Grizzly Lake. Below
Grizzly Lake the stream merges with Winter Creek. Its trout are all small brook trout. The
mouth of the stream is accessible by following Winter Creek upstream to its confluence with
Winter Creek. Winter Creek is also accessible from the Moose Exhibit area on the Grand
Loop Road about 11 miles north of Norris Junction.

Obsidian Creek enters the Gardner River just above the bridge over the Gardner River on
the Mammoth-Norris Road, . It is a slow moving, willow tree lined stream. Brook trout are
the only species of fish in the creek and they are mostly small. It is also accessible from the
Moose Exhibit area.

Indian Creek joins the Gibbon River near the Indian Creek Campground.  Sage and scrub
willows line the banks of the small creek. It would be considered a small meadow stream.
Panther Creek also joins the Gardner in the Indian Creek Campground area. It is a small
meadow stream that is very similar to Indian Creek that flows only a short distance away.
The fish in Panther and Indian Creeks are all small brook trout.

Normally, the best way to access these little streams is to park near the entrance to the
Indian Creek Campground just off of the North Loop Road. You can actually begin fishing
right at that point. There are several miles of the streams, so you shouldn't have a problem
fishing water that hasn't been recently fished by others. The campground will probably be
full, but that doesn't mean the people all fish the streams near the campground. In fact,
they seem to travel to other places in the park and ignore the streams near their tents or

We would like to point out that the streams that flow through heavy bushes and willow
trees, may present a safety hazard. Moose inhibit the that type of area and there are
plenty of them around. It isn't a good idea to go stumbling through the bushes and into one
of them. There are plenty of water in clear areas where you can see around you and where
the moose aren't likely to bother you.
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Straight, Winter, Panther,
Indian and Obsidian Creeks