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Fly Fishing The Strawberry River Utah
The Strawberry River consist of a freestone stream
section that flows into Strawberry Reservoir, a tailwater
called the Wild Strawberry below Strawberry Reservoir
and a tailwater below Starvation Reservoir. It's a
tributary of the Duchesne River. The main attraction of
the stream is the river's trophy brown trout. Fly fishing
the Strawberry River is a wonderful experience. One of
the best things about the Strawberry River is that it is
managed as a wild trout fishery.

The stream supports a population of cutthroat trout,
brown trout and rainbow trout. The water is usually
crystal clear and produces one of the neatest little
tailwaters in the West. It flows through a beautiful red
sandstone canyon. The brown trout get up to twenty
inches and larger and the river consistently produces
plenty of them.

The public access begins less than a mile above the
Strawberry Pinnacles at the confluence with Red Creek
and goes upstream for over seven miles. There are a  
few closed sections of private property in this stretch.
Numerous other access points are available. All but
about a mile of the almost 19 miles of the Wild
Strawberry River is open to the public. Public access is
available at the DWR angler-access easements and on
National Forest land. There is a small stretch of river on
Indian Trust Lands and to fish that you will need to
purchase a fishing license from the Ute Tribe.

Access to the Starvation Reservoir tailwater is limited to
a narrow strip or easement in a few places for
pedestrian traffic. You can also access the stream from
River Park and the State Route #311 bridge.

This is a relatively small stream, ranging from ten to forty
feet in width. It has a good population of caddisflies,
midges and a few mayflies. There are plenty of sculpin
and several species of baitfish for the big brown trout to

Most of the caddisflies are Green Sedges and Spotted
Sedges but there are several other species. These
insects hatch throughout the summer and are often the
only aquatic insect hatching. The late afternoon egg
laying is the most important aspect of the Strawberry
River's caddisfly hatches.

Midges are very important insects to imitate during the
cold water seasons. Cream and Red, or blood midges,
are plentiful.

The season is open year-round.
The fishing can be good on nice warm days in both
tailwaters during the Winter.
Springtime is an excellent time to fish the river provided
the discharges are not to strong.
Fly fishing the Strawberry River during the Summer is
good. The water stays relatively cool even on hot days.
The autumn season is an excellent time for fly fishing
the Wild Strawberry and the Starvation Reservoir
tailwater because its brown trout spawn during the Fall.

Fly Fishing Gear, Tackle and Trout Flies
Type of Stream
Two Tailwaters and a freestone

Species (depends on section)
Brown Trout (wild)
Rainbow Trout (wild)
Cutthroat Trout (wild)
Brook Trout (wild)

Small to Medium

Central Utah

Nearest Towns



Special Regulations
Wild Strawberry is artificial flies and
lures only

Non-Resident License
State of Utah

National Weather Service Link

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