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Fly Fishing Guide for St. Vrain Creek
Fly fishing the St. Vrain backcountry is an completely different from the fly fishing along the
road. You are almost unlimited to just how far you want to go up the headwater streams,
however, generally speaking, the farther you go the smaller the streams and the smaller the
fish get. Big trout just don't live in small streams at higher elevations. A big plus is that the
small cutthroat and brook trout that do survive there are very aggressive and fairly easy to

These streams start at elevations as high as 12,000 feet. Just how far you venture
upstream will greatly depend on the physical shape you are in. Most anglers heading into
the backcountry take only a minimum amount of fly fishing gear. Most of the time the basic
gear consist of one shorter, light fly rod and a small fly box with a few select flies. The big
advantage of the backcountry trip is being able to get away from everything and everybody
where you can just enjoy the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

Theres a lot of water readily accessible from highways #7 and #72. When you are fishing
only a few yards from your vehicle, you can take just about anything you want along with
you. You have a lot of options fishing the mid to lower elevations that are easily accessed.
You will usually have a lot more company consisting not only of other anglers, but tourist as
well. This Front Range area gets a lot of visitors during the summer months.

Most all of the water, except for some meadow type sections, consist of pocket water. The
three branches of St. Vrain Creek decent from high elevations at a steep decline. The best
procedure, with some exceptions, is to fish in an upstream directions. The riffles and runs
usually produce the most fish. You can catch trout from the pools but for the most part, we
suggest concentrating on the faster water. One good tip we can give you is to place your fly
where you see the lines of bubbles. That is where the food is most likely to be drifting and
where the trout are most likely feeding.
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