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Fly Fishing The Sugar River New
The Sugar River is a 27 mile long river located in western
New Hampshire that's a tributary of the Connecticut
River.  It begins from an outlet of Lake Sunapee in the
little town of Sunapee. It passes through the town of
Newport and Claremont before its confluence with the
Connecticut River in Vermont. There are several
hydro-powered industrial developments along the river
but in spite of that, good management and consistent
stocking of trout provides some good fly fishing
opportunities. Fly fishing the Sugar River is popular and
can be very a fun-filled, enjoyable experience.  

There is a "fly fishing only":section located in Newport. It is
the most popular section for fly fishing the Sugar River. It
has a  "Trails-to-Rails" path that follows along the river for
easy access. The river has two main tributaries. The
South Branch of the Sugar River enters the main stream
in Newport. The North Branch of the Sugar River, enters
between Newport and North Newport.

This stream is heavily stocked by the state of New
Hampshire with brown,brook and rainbow trout. There is
little to no natural reproduction but there are fish that
survive the summer heat and this results in some nice
size holdovers. The newly stocked trout are fairly easy to
catch but the holdovers are much wiser and have learned
to rely on the natural  food the stream provides.

The Sugar River has a good population of aquatic insects
including Blue-winged Olives, Slate Drakes, Little Brown
Stoneflies, Cinnamon and Green Sedges along with
others. Terrestrials become important during the summer
months. Have imitations of ants, beetles and grass
hoppers. The most plentiful fish species for the trout are
sulpins. Streamers imitating these, such as our Perfect
Fly Brown Sculpin, produce some big fish.

The season for the special regulations area runs until
Nov. 30th.
Springtime is a good time to fish the stream provided the
water isn't too high.
The cooler parts of the summer can provide some good
opportunities but the water gets too warm during the
hottest days of summer.
Early Fall is great, especially for the brown trout which
may be in the spawning mode.

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Type of Stream

Brown Trout (Stocked and holdovers)
Rainbow Trout (Stocked some
Brook Trout (Stocked with holdovers)


Northern New Hampshire

Nearest Towns

Jan 1 - Nov. 30th


Non-Resident License
State of New Hampshire

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