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Fly Fishing Guide for Lake Tanneycomo (Table Rock Tailwater)
Fishing Lake Tanneycomo or the Table Rock Tailwater, whichever you prefer, is all
based on the discharges of water through the dam. If no water is being discharge,
wading is excellent. If there is one turbine running, wading is difficult in most areas.
Caution should be used. If the one turbine is running heavy, then wading can be very
difficult. If more than one turbine is running, you better stay out of the water. By the way,
you cannot depend on the schedule for safety reasons. It is subject to change. Just
always be aware the water can rise drastically within minutes.

If turbines are running, the only way to fish the tailwater is from a boat. This too can be
dangerous if you are not familiar with the water. We do suggest going with someone
familiar with it at least one or more times before you try it on your own. There are
several local fly shops with guide services that will take you if you choose to do so.

The only hatch that occurs on this tailwater is midges. They hatch year-round. You can
catch trout on imitations of the larvae, pupae and adults depending on the stage of the
hatch. The most all around effective way is on imitations of the midge pupae. Scuds and
sow bugs are also plentiful and imitations of them work well for most of the year.

There are other fly fishing methods that work. One is to use a dropper rig with a dry fly
on the top as a strike indicator, and a small midge, scud or sowbug imitation dropped
down from it. This works great most of the time. This is a good shallow water technique
because the dry fly doesn't spook the trout when it lands on the water if presented

Wet flies and streamers also work well. It is best to imitate leaches, sculpin or baitfish.
Flies like the Wooley Bugger work best when they are presented during heavy overcast
skies or when the water is slightly off color. They also work when the wind roughs up the
surface of the water.  Don't overlook fishing the outlets from the fish hatchery.  
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