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Hatches and Trout Flies for Lake Tanneycomo (Table Rock
Theres only one insect that actually hatches on this tailwater and thats the midge. As
already mentioned, these tiny insects hatch year-round and trout can be taken on imitations
of them year-round. Don't be mislead into thinking that because the flies are tiny, ranging
from a hook size 18 down to a 22, that the large trout won't take them because they
certainly will.

The other plentiful foods for the trout are crustaceans consisting mainly of sowbugs and
scuds, called freshwater shrimp by the locals. Imitations of these will work year-round.

During the summer, imitations of terrestrial ants, beetles and grasshoppers also work. This
is one of the few times and ways you can catch trout on the surface. Fishing is usually best
in the shallow water around the banks when the turbines are either off, or one is slowing

Minnows, baitfish and sculpin are also plentiful. These are usually imitated with streamers.
These flies work best under low light conditions, off colored water, or choppy, rough water.
They are great for catching larger trout, especially when the brown trout are spawning
during the months of October and November. Imitations of leeches also work. A black
Wooley Bugger is a good fly for this.

It is possible you can fish a shad kill in January, February or early March. When the water
temperature gets into the low forties, the thread-fin shad in Table Rock Lake die. The
colder the weather, the larger the fish kill. When the shad get sucked through the turbines,
the trout go on a feeding rampage. White streamers will catch a lot of trout in a very short
time when this event occurs..

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Lake Tanneycomo
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