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Fly Fishing Guide to the Taylor River, Colorado

The reservoir was stocked with mysis shrimp to feed the trout but they manage to get
through the bottom release tube into the tailwater section. The trout in the section
just below the dam have grown to enormous sizes feeding on the shrimp. These trout
are fished for almost every day of the year. In fact they are so used to seeing anglers
they want flee from their sight. They are usually fished to using nymphs and
imitations of the mysis shrimp. Most of the trout are taken on a reaction type strike
whereas the fly is almost placed in the trout's mouth. Although these trout have been
cast at hundreds of times, they can occasionally be caught by someone that is

There are basically two ways to fish for the large trout in the catch and release
section. One is to blind fish using a strike indicator. Most anglers fish an imitation of
the mysis shrimp below a small indicator. Concentrate on the deeper holes below
short runs and riffles. Trout also hide beneath the undercut banks in some places.
The other method is to fish to individual trout. You shouldn't have much trouble
finding plenty of large trout if you use your polarized sunglasses and watch the water
carefully. When you spot a trout, try to get a small nymph or mysis shrimp fly right in
front of the mouth of the fish. You have to be careful not to line the trout. Long, light
leaders and tippets are preferred even though the trout are large. You must get the
fly at the right level and you must be able to detect the strike. Most anglers actually
see the fish's white mouth open when it takes the fly. If you are using an indicator, be
aware that the takes are usually light and difficult to detect. The trout tend to just sip
the small flies in. If you are persistent and accurate enough, you will stand a decent
opportunity to catch some large trout.

As you will notice when reading our hatches section on this stream, there are a few
hatches that occur during the year.  When there is a hatch taking place it pays to
match it because the trout usually focus on the hatch and in some cases become
selective on the particular insect hatching.
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