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Hatches and Trout Flies for the Taylor River, Colorado
Theres not a lot of hatches on the Taylor River Tailwater but the hatches that do occur
usually bring some great dry fly action.

The first aquatic insects to hatch are the Blue-winged Olives which first appear in April for
about a month. These insects are bi-brooded and hatch again from about the second
week of August until near the first of October.

The Western Green Drakes are considered the most important mayflies to hatch by most
anglers. They start around the first of July and can hatch on into the first week or two of

The Pale Morning Duns, or PMDs, start hatching a week or two after the large Green
Drakes and also hatch on into the first or second week of August. They can provide some
excellent dry fly action.

The Golden Stoneflies are considered an important hatch. They start hatching about the
middle of May. The hatch can last through the month of June, depending on the location.

Various species of caddisflies are also found on the Taylor River tailwater. The most
abundant species are Spotted Sedges. They can hatch from the first of June on into the
month of August. The Green Sedges are also plentiful. The Rock Worm, or imitation of the
Green Sedge larva, produces the best results. There are other species of caddisflies but
these are the most important ones.

Streamers are considered very important flies to have on the Taylor River. Imitations of
sculpin and various baitfish are used. Streamers tend to work best when the water is
slightly high and has some color to it. The water is normally crystal clear, but when it does
become stained, the streamer can be effective.

Don't forget the terrestrial insects. From about the middle of June until near the end of
September, trout can be taken on imitations of grasshoppers, ants and beetles.

The most popular flies used on the Taylor River imitate the mysis shrimp. That is what the
trout feed on just below the dam that makes them attain their huge size.

If you haven't done so already, we ask you to give our "Perfect Flies" a try. They are the
most realistic imitations of aquatic and terrestrial insects you can buy and they are also the
most effective flies for catching selective trout. We hope you give them a try.
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