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Hatches and Flies for Tobyhanna Creek Pennsylvania
The hatches are not huge or prolific on Tobyhanna like they are in most of
Pennsylvania's Spring Creeks, but they do have a fairly large diversity of aquatic insects.
When something does hatch, you may find the trout keying in on the insects.

The first insects to hatch are the Little Winter Stoneflies. Little Browns and Little Blacks
are common in the pocket water sections of the stream. Blue-winged Olives start
hatching in late March and will hatch off and on until October. There are several species
but none of them are huge hatches.

Blue Quills normally start hatching near the end of March. They are usually around for
about a month. In April and early May, you may find a few March Browns in the faster
sections of water.

Caddisflies are present, but not real abundant. The LIttle Black Caddis start hatching in
mid April and hatch for about three weeks. By May, Green Sedges make their
appearance. These caddisflies can hatch for as long as three months but never in any
large quantities. Cinnamon Caddis are the most common caddisflies. They are more
plentiful on the lower section of the stream. There is also some Little Brown Caddis that
hatch in the slower sections of the water.

There is a Hendrickson hatch that occurs in late April and early May but again, it usually
isn't prolific. You can catch trout eating the emergers and the spinners late in the day
near dark. Slate Drakes are another common mayfly but they never hatch in any large
quantities. They do hatch off and on from June until near October. There are a few Light
Cahills that hatch in June but in a very sparse manner.

Sculpin, baitfish and crayfish are present in the creek and provide food for the trout.
Streamers that imitate these work well at times. Terrestrial insects, mainly beetles,
grasshoppers and ants provide part of the food for the trout. Imitations of them work from
late June until near the end of September.

We recommend our own "Perfect Flies", not just because we sell them but also because
they are the most realistic imitations of trout food you can purchase. They are also the
most effective trout flies you can buy. They work far better than the typical flies especially
in the slow water areas of the stream where the trout get a good look at your fly. We
hope you will give them a try.
Tobyhanna Creek
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Photo Courtesy of
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