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Fly Fishing Guide for the Toccoa River Tailwater Georgia
At the time this was written, It had been some time since we have fished this
tailwater. It's a great medium size stream to fish provided you fish it from a drift
boat, or at least some type of boat. I mention that because there are only five
places you can access the fourteen mile long stream to fish it wading or from the

One thing we like about the stream is the fact dry fly fishing can be very good.
While many tailwaters are very good streams, for the most part, most of those in
the Eastern United States don't have very much dry fly fishing. In general they
have few aquatic insects that hatch on the surface of the water, and many of the
ones that do, have hatches that last only for a short length of time. Most of the
fishing is done with midge imitations or streamers. Of course this isn't true of all of
them. Some have excellent hatches and this is certainly one of them.

Even though the dry fly fishing can be great at times, most of the productive
fishing is still done fishing flies near the bottom. Heavily weighted nymphs work
most anytime and produce good size trout. Streamers are also very effective on
the brown trout, especially when the water is slightly off color from heavy rainfall.

As mentioned in the introduction page, these trout can be selective towards
certain insects. Imitating those that are most plentiful and those that are about to
hatch is necessary at times to produce the best results possible.

Although I'm not a big fan of strike indicators, they will work on the Toccoa River
tailwater most of the time. Double and tandem rigs are popular. Probably the best
all around strategy during the winter is to fish imitations of midge larvae. If they are
hatching you should use imitations of the pupae. Most of the midges we noticed
were light green or cream color.

Swinging a streamer will probably produce more larger trout than anything. Day in
and day out, provided nothing is hatching, I suggest you fish either a stream or a
nymph as close to the bottom as you can keep it.
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Toccoa River
Photo Courtesy Steven Lamb
Photo Courtesy Steven Lamb
Steven Lamb, Guide and owner of
Georgia Fly Guide
David Miller, Guide,
Georgia Fly Guide,
All the images used for the Toccoa River
tailwater were provided by Steven Lamb.
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